Pole dance camp

I trained two days ago and I need the other training badly because I am addictive on the pole 🙂 Since I have been walking and running so much the last two days I had a rest from pole dance. However, I found a little time to sort my photos from the last pole dance camp and decide to create some article based on my big lover – pole dance. But meanwhile, I only share a few photos and somewhen in future I will write how and why I have started to learn this modern dance. By the way, my landlord Marrissa’s formed the first pole dance studio in Malta (that’s a chance that I’ve known her).

The flexibility and strength are the important part of good training. But I am still so hard in my legs 🙁 But once maybe…

1 (32) 1 (105)

I love figure called half-flag. It is very easy to exercise so for this reason I have it in my choreography for the championship. We are able to do a flag with other people at the same pole.

1 (130) 1 (172) 1 (173)

I am happy to find out that people trust me and I am able to carry them only on my feet 🙂 or hand (the last photo).

1 (142) 1 (146) 1 (182)  1 (192) 1 (167) 1 (152)

At the end of the presentation, I attach some photo from battle. I hope that I will get the video from this mini-battle (by the way, this year I won) and after I obtain it, to be sure, I’ll share it with you 🙂

P1020061 P1020198 P1020057

Saturday’s walking

First of all, I wanted to go to some beach and sunbathe because of my acclimatisation here (I’d like to look like residents, it could be useful in future, and maybe safety). Unfortunately, the sun probably had a rest (at least, I thought it, the colour of my skin says something different).

In the morning, I was going to Saint Julian because I gave up looking for the nearest bus stop around my home. From this, I went to Bugibba. It was my second time here and again, I don’t know why the weather wasn’t a bit good. Actually, the wind was so strong that I immediately decided to go away from these beaches. But, I’ve met Albert, he is retired, an origin of Malta, and what’s more, he was very talkative and friendly. I don’t understand why, but it was not for the first when somebody from Malta try to get me to his home/car. For instance, last year in one beach near Sliema I met the young boy going to catch some fishes and he had three questions for me: „Are you travelling alone? Are you single? Would you be my lovers?“ Hm, Albert wasn’t so honest but I have to refuse his offer for the tea in your house.

At the second photo, I caught the one of many sports machines that you can find on the bank spreading around promenade in Bugibba.

P1030211 P1030216

From Bugibba, I continued to Mosta. There is the best-known rotunda. You can see this landmark at the following picture. You maybe have noticed that I wore 3/4 legins this day. Yes, the weather didn’t look very well so that I had to put on warmer clothes :-))) I’m glad I did it but not because of the weather… I had a trouble with the wind and my nice skirt (and still I hope that the blowing skirt was not the reason why the drivers going around me beeped).


As you may suspect I came up with my standard idea so that I could walk back to my house and save the money 🙂 (in my mind I thought about an ice-cream). How I decided I managed it. I must warn that I didn’t have any map, my poor map shows only a few cities around Valletta’s agglomeration. Yes, the trip was complete randomise. I wasn’t worried about any dangerous because yesterday tonight Marrissa (my landlord) told me that the Maltese are not used to go to the corner of the next street, let alone hiking in nature. And she is said to be right. I met the only car, no man during all my trip.

P1030243 P1030244

The following three photos I took on alone hill wide and far. A little notice from my trip, you maybe think that in the previous two of pictures there is Valletta (because it should be my right direction), but, unfortunately, no. I am the so skilful girl that I set out to walk on the opposite direct 🙂 and no matter what I saw at the bus stop or even on the route headline of the bus going against me I carried on in a happy way without any confusing. From my last experience with Maltese public transport I know that lazy drivers are not willing to change the headline of the end station, so why I should be excited when I saw the bus with title Valletta and the bus was going against me and not to same direct as I was walking, shouldn’t I? But on one crossroad suddenly I realised that I had already seen this route and then I realised that I had already gone by bus here 🙂 so I turned back… It was about 3 or 4 km, in addition, never mind, I like walking and burning my fat on the belly :-).

P1030245 P1030248 P1030250

In the end, I succeeded, I gain must say that I didn’t have any map, so it was maybe by chance to get to Swieqi. The north part of my city is rather nice, it looks like rural ruins but maybe it is a reason why I really like living here and not at the centre of agglomeration, such as Sliema or Gzira. The ruins from the north you can see the following photo. It was a great deal difficult to shot this photo because the road where I was walking was quite narrow and I had lots of trouble to avoid each car going here. So sorry for only one photo from this beautiful place. I promise to run here in some of my training exercises in next time.


Summary, I’d like to share some „crocks“ from this day. Firstly, I must post the following photo. So far I have never seen something similar in any shop what I had ever visit (now I don’t think only shops in Malta). I don’t understand why I should buy the ice cube when I am able to „create“ them alone… Is there someone who is able to explain it to me?


Secondly, I must notice what I eat for my lunch on my long trips. Because of unpredictable weather, expensive food and, of course, my laziness, I am willing to cook only in the evening. In Malta, I am getting used to eating out. In every city, there are lots of fast foods, kebab stands, the restaurant, the gelateries and the pastizzeries. Since I hate eating fast food and try to avoid all of the unhealthy food I choose the pastizzi (of course this food is not healthy as well but from the choices it is the best one). Now I’d like to recommend two kinds of pasta what we shouldn’t taste in case of your visiting Malta. The first one it is a pastizzi (you can read more here). I prefer kind with ricotta (by the way, today I’ve figured out that the ricotta is very healthy and cheaper cheese that we are able to prepare in many ways, both sweet food and salt variant). However, a the followings photos there is a qassatat with ricotta (before I had had one with spinach). This one come to 1 euro, the pastizzi costs about 40c, but I prefer a qassatat (the dough is similar to our quiche or listové těsto) because the pastizzi are probably baked in oil, they are so much fatty/oily. I have one qassatat or two pieces of pastizzi for lunch and I must say that it is enough food that I feel so many full for at least 4 hours. I recommend you to look at Wikipedia’s link because of explanation the origin of world pastizzi, I laugh a lot. By the way, you should have a notice that the pasta is full of ricotta. In the Czech Republic it is not usual, you remember fo example a donut (in Czechs I mean kobliha).

P1030224 P1030227

As you are probably used I attached the sport-tracker link with my today’s trip.

That’s all for tonight and see you later. By the way, the part of this article I have been writing on the roof (I discovered the outlet here, but the wifi connection was weak). I really enjoy to do everything on the roof (after all, it is a logical thing since I don’t have my own roof in the Czech Republic).

My lovely place

I sort of know that it is not nice of my to write how I enjoy my time in sunny Malta (I would say from the best-known song I dream a dream – but in mentioned song it was in the past, but I have it at present, fortunately). My sorry is that you can come and see me…

Anyway, what I wanted to share in this short (I hope) post? During my hot running (it was at 1pm, what a normal time it is) I noticed how a firmly warm today is and that I should use for my acclimatisation in Malta. Yes, I decided to get as the same colour as the  residents have 🙂 It is important to look like the resident, you must confirm :-).

Having been gone running and done an exercise I changed dress (swimsuit of course) and went up to the lovely place – roof. I have been sunbathing and so far I feel some results – I need a drink badly because I am thirsty all the time since being on the roof.

Yesterday I thought in my head „If only I could have had my laptop on the roof“ (my battery is broken) and what I don’t see today – there is an outlet, yupii. If I sunbathe and it is boring (because I am not able to lie down only), I will take my laptop with me and chat with somebody who is willing to answer me 🙂


I had a blanket on the roof and my tasty „lam’s/sheep’s/goat’s cheese“ for all cases. And I used this blanket, I become to be cold suddenly in Malta. By the way, yesterday evening I had an idea to look at the bill of purchase with mentioned cheese and I found out that it is best-known ricotta… I love it so much.

Valletta II for the big success

Yesterday evening I found out that I had visited the bad office and what’s worse, I had been here during their opening hours… but it was my mistake that I hadn’t had an address. But something bad gives rise to us to something good and I can’t say that my second visiting Malta wasn’t worth travelling here a twice.

Firstly, I met a talkative Japanese woman who is studying English just now and we were talking and practising our English for almost 30 minutes in the bus. Moreover, I got lots of pieces of information about living in Japan. For me, it was interesting that she thinks about Malta that it is not the expensive country… If only I can say something same 🙂 Again, I walked Valletta as quick as could be possible.

Again, I walked through Valletta as quick as could be possible.  For a quick moment, I had a feeling that I know almost every place here and I behave as I would be in Prague or Brno. On the following photos, you can see some crocks of my tour to the Registration office owning to apply for ID card (I must admit that I didn’t figure out any information about this process and it caused my little nervosity). The first photo is a joke and anytime I didn’t have an idea to use this ladder for firefighters. At the last photo, there is Maltese machine for the ticket so that you can go to the counter and solve your registration problem. By the way, I crossed to the entrance for non-EU citizens (I thought of why people look like Arabic or Asian :-)). However, I must say that officer was kind and try to speak slowly and gave me lots of lists of paper that I will have to copy and fill. Yes, and I need the contract and copy of my passport, so in a result, it wasn’t my last visiting Valletta (yes, we suspect right that the article Visiting Valletta III is in preparation).

P1030151 P1030153 P1030155

Because my head needed to have a rest, I took some photo in the surroundings quickly. Now it is a good time for sorry to you because almost of my photos which I will share here are strange in a way. The reason is very easy, as you probably know I have already visited Malta last year so I have lots of nice landscape photos and now I am wondered in some unexpected and surprisingly moment which I try to catch with my camera. However, I love the interest in Valletta and I couldn’t forgive to catch them (besides, last year I had paint ankle (you ask why – there is an explanation) so I couldn’t enjoy these places as I would want).

P1030158 P1030162 P1030165

After having had a rest I found the Vodafone brand and wanted to understand their mobile service system. I tried to explain the young boy that I don’t need any tariff because I usually use the mobile phone as a receiver, not as a sender. But if I understood him good, the minimum amount for charging a credit is 10 euros. Well I have only activated SIM card without credit (because in the Czech Republic I am not able to spend 10 euros for credit during all one year so I don’t have any reason to spend in Malta at all).

Yes, I am crazy and savings girl 🙂 so I had a clue/plan for next hours. Although the ticket in winter time (hahaha, I was sunbathing, wait for next article) is rather cheap I decided to walk up to my home (in total it was nearly 10 km, but never mind, I like walking with the sun is shining above my head). And what I saw you are able to see the followings pictures.

In Floriana (I call this city as suburb of Valletta, I don’t still understand why the Maltese divide their cities to small towns, for me it is one big agglomeration, I would compare this system of cities to lots of parts in one big city as we have in Brno for instance) I could see man feeding cat. For the first moment I was scared but then I have noticed the board.

P1030168 P1030169

Then I passed other Maltese cities, e.G. Msida, Ta’XBiex. And I was in Gzira, my home city from last visiting Malta and yes, it was my aim to get to my college and accommodation. Without any problem, I got to the roof of my school 🙂 What a romantic memento.

P1030181 P1030185

Since I had still rather power I decided to carry on my way of crossing Malta and not go to the known bank and along it to go direct my home. Maybe it was a little risky because I don’t have any problem to lost anywhere. To be accurate, that’s to say, I had a map 🙂 and GPS location in the mobile phone (but without visible routes owning to miss data tariff).

Somebody else (than in the last article) asked me for fruit three that grow at the streets so the answer is here – the lemon tree, the orange (or maybe mandarin tree – without tasting I couldn’t have guessed and unfortunately, in neighbourhood flat there was someone and I didn’t have enough courage to jump for the fruit, maybe next time in different place or at night :-)).

At the third picture, there is something as a cactus. I know that it is not a tree but I just share here because I associate one story whenever I see this fruit. In autumn last year, when I was in Malta as poor Czech girl (and I feel as poor Czech girl at this time as well) I thought myself why I should buy this fruit when I am able to pick it up from the cactus manually. Hm, it was very silly idea 🙂 I don’t recommend at all, nor friend, or unfriend. Thought it doesn’t seem it is full of thorns and after I picked it up and put to my mouth I absolutely regretted my savings very much. I tell you those thorn in a lip is nothing pleasant and I spent plenty of time over pulling thorns out of my lips .

P1030178 P1030179 P1030188

Let’s go back to the present. I didn’t pick the fruit of cactus up 🙂 My trip continued to Saint Jullian, maybe it was San Gwan, I am not still good at recognising of individual cities in one big agglomeration. At the photos, you can see the opposite side of this „valley/meadow“ what I mentioned yesterday in one of  the articles. And now I already know what it is – there are lots of the private fields where people grow some vegetables and fruits, such as strawberry as you see at the last photo. Unfortunately, there was board warning against CCTV system.

P1030190 P1030197

P1030200 P1030204

I enjoyed firmly warm weather and I really love Maltese sights, such as protecting of the hedgehogs. At another street, I could see some warning against horse’s route and so on. But on the other hand, most of the blind streets are without any mark as I could persuade during my afternoon’s running.

If you are interested in my way in deeper, look here.


I really enjoyed my dinner

In advance, I apologise for this article but I am typically woman and I need to boast how the romantic dinner I had.

In the afternoon during my pole dance training I’ve noticed some unknown door and found out that it leads to the roof of this house… how a nice place. I immediately had an idea to prepare my dinner and eat it in this place with sunset. And how the plan appeared in my head I made it.

I must admit that it was my first proper food here (for breakfast I had some instant porridge, apple for snack, 2 scoops of ice-cream for lunch and that was all).

P1030147 P1030148

At the first photo you can see my lovely first orientation point (my job near the highest building of Malta) and the second one consists of my lounger with dinner).

You maybe wonder what I had a dinner. Don’t laugh me 🙂 but Maltese food are so expensive that I buy something what it is a mixture of tasty (suitable) ingredience for me and suitable price. I had a cous-cous with tuna in olive oil and my „cottage cream cheese“ alias lamb’s or goat’s or sheep’s cheese.

Notice: 1kg cous-cous for 2 euros, 3x80g tuna (in a can of course) for 2,50 euros (in addition it was a discount price). On the other hand, such as 1 kg of greek yoghurt costs 6 euros. Maybe I should write some article about the comparison of living standard here and the Czech Republic (but so far I haven’t had enough knowledge and information about Maltese life… it would be good conversation topic for practisioning my English here).

Visiting the Valletta

As probably everybody know the city Valletta is the capital city of Malta now (almost nobody (of course foreigner) knows that the former capital city was Mdina (with the beautiful silent centre called Rabat). But I am not interested in writing some historical or geographical facts about Valletta. What’s more, I didn’t decide to call on Valletta to enjoying some landmarks, monuments or taking a photo. By the way, I have already visited this place during my autumn’s vacation. My visiting this city (31st March) had a practical purpose – I wanted to enroll in some Maltese residential system, so far I haven’t understood but what I know that if I pay less money for public transport, I will need an ID card and in Valletta there should be some office building so that we can apply for this card… and it is worth applying for it, I’d better spending my money on experiences, not in needed stuff 🙂

Let go back to the main sense of the story. I’d like to describe my „maybe unsuccessful day“ (but in this dreamed country nothing cannot be unsuccessful, of course).

After morning running (without map, but yes, with GPS in the mobile phone and even though I had it I’ve lost myself several times as you can see in this link. But it is not my mistake, I don’t understand why here people don’t use „the blind sight“ for a blind street – I didn’t have to turn round so many times) I set out to find my bus stop. Hm, I have to shorten my writing, otherwise, I would never finish. I write down only items (my notices) because of my laziness 🙂

  • Of course, if I need to find some bus stops I come across only the bus stops for the opposite direction… maybe there is some network of single ways. In the end, I have walked almost near to my office and got on to the same bus (line number 16) as I planned in my city, hmmm.
  • The pleasure surprised happened in the bus. From my last visiting Malta I expected that I would pay 2 euros per one way (up to 2 hours travelling). But the drivers wanted me to pay only 1,50 euros (hm, I bought an ice-cream later… so I didn’t save money anymore this day). Later I read the rules and the price list and we have a winter time (it is a little funny for me because of 26°C in the shadow, but I am not angry with paying the ticket in the winter time :-)).
  • I literally ran Valletta to supposed a place where the office building should be (yes, I forgot the paper with the address at home, how it is typically for me). But I found some building looking like as what I was looking for. Unfortunately, I forgot many more important detail, the office working hours will probably in the morning hours and yes, in Malta there is the very similar system as we have in the Czech Republic. So tomorrow I have the clear programme for morning 🙂 and for this time I am bringing the address and map with me, I won’t leave by chance.
  • Well, when the main aim was not fulfilled and my ticket was not still expired I used the public transport and got to close to my favourite place – on the opposite bank of Valletta (I guess that it is part of Sliema). From this spot, I was wondering about 2 hours. I enjoyed the warm weather with sweet ice-cream in my hand (oreo and cookies scoops, I like tasting new Maltese flavours). What I saw or what made me surprised I tried to catch in my camera.

Let start with photos from Valletta (the typical narrow street, sweet girl in the Hastings gardens, the Manoel’s island).

P1030090 P1030095 P1030087

Some photos from long walking (9 km in total). In the second one, you can see the complex with my future office (the high building is a good spot for orientation anywhere).

P1030132 P1030121 P1030119

An unnamed person asked me for vegetation in Malta, he told me that from google map there are not any forests, trees… yes, it is a little true, but I tried to shot some palms and typical agricultural places. I came across the horses by chance, I’ve just lost myself as usual 🙂 because I didn’t want to use the map, I am learning my surroundings…

P1030126 P1030137 P1030145

At Tigne point (it is a corner of Malta, some cultural place with many shops) there was some events – I don’t know what… but the women in the stage were singing and I was surprised of the car-animals for children (the orange one is the octopus).

P1030111 P1030110

From Sliema bank (on the opposite side of the sea there is Valletta). The last photo I shot near my house, there is something as valley or meadow, I don’t know how to describe in Czech, let alone in English. However, it is my second good orientation point how to get home.

P1030100 cropped-P1030105.jpg P1030082

And something for fun. You can compare the clothes of a woman and me (above). I don’t suspect which of us look like more crazy for residents.


That’s all from my today trip. If you are interested in the trip in more detail, don’t hesitate to visit this link.

A little about my job

Although it doesn’t have to seem at the first view I should work in Malta (I will be working since Monday). Let me say a few words about my first date with fortyTwo company.

Yesterday (30th March) I visited my office twice. First of all, my boss and two developers picked me up. I had the very interesting conversation during driving on the narrow roads. I told them about my planning to buy a cycle for easy travelling in Malta. The reply was „Good luck“ and the guys seemed very funny… hm, now I don’t know where the problem is 🙂 Secondly, I was curious whether there are some rivers or, at least, the streams in Malta. I heart: „we have a big river in case of heavy raining“. I learnt that in Malta there was a „snow“ two years ago and it was the big problem here because this situation happens so rarely that Malta is not prepared for this moment and they don’t have any ploughs,  let alone some salt so that the snow can be melted. I thought in my head that it will be a nice and funny time here and I would like to experience the snowing here, really very much :-).

In the afternoon, I decided to visit my job again, but only from a distance. I enjoy time inside later so now I would like to observe my office in safety distance :-)).

Just look at some photos from my „tour to the job“ (it took me about 20 minutes from the house on my foot, I didn’t measure in any app because I spent lots of time over looking at cars – I sometimes miss the pedestrian pavement and besides, in Malta you drive on the left side, I will probably never use it)


I am coming to the complex of luxury buildings…


Look out of the gate (this view I can see from the main door).


Look back to the gate.


Look back to the gate from a distance.


Right, next there is the most expensive hotel (of course that it is a Hilton). For naggers, I will be really working at IT company, not here (but maybe early because of my English, hmm).



And the last photo consists of me for believing that I am still alive (it was on the way to back home, but I wanted to find another way, I hate being bored…).


After I know more information about my job content I will probably describe here in more detail. Currently, I know a few names, my seat place (maybe) and remember some nationalities of my colleagues (such as, the second Hana at fortyTwo is from Swedeen and owning to have the same name everybody is willing to call me Hanka, yupiii).

The first experiences

It is too late and after long traveling (I left the Czech Republic on Tuesday 29th March) I would like to lie down and sleep but I am full of feelings. Besides, I am worried about my short memory :-)) so I’d rather writing toning than tomorrow (and I suspect that this though I would have other days as well and in the result I would never start „blogging“.

In short, about 1pm I landed in Luqa (Maltese airport) and from skype I found out that three people from my new company were already waiting for me in the departure lounge. „Three, no…“ was my first thought but I didn’t have any choice and they made me go to the company and let introduce myself to million people (ok, not million, but I remember only three or four names and know that my office lies in the most expensive location in Malta, it is near complex of restaurant and hotels, so I am certain that I won’t have a lunch here 🙂 (the soup costs about 10 euros, the cheapest main course starts on 15 euros… hmmm, some pasta with souce).

Then I had to wait for my driver (colleague). Of course, he was playing a table football… people working in IT companies suspect how important place it is :-)) Fortunatelly, my flat is near my office and trip by foot takes me about 20 minutes and by car it takes us about 5 minutes. Who guess what I  had to do in the first moment in my new flat? Yes, we all knowing where I live guess correctly. I jumped on the pole and took a selfie :-)) for my friends.

Hm, I wanted to describe my experiences shortly… so what made me suprised?

  • the temperature – I don’t bring any sun-oil because I thought myself there is only March :-)) that’s a mistake… only 24°C but… However, the residents are wearing jeans (by the way I put on skirts and top :-)) and I caught a cold in Czechs, owning to cold so far I haven’t bought an ice-cream… only looked at the confectionery :-))). Maybe I looked like crazy girl in my clothes… lots of people turned to me…
  • cottage cream cheese – I love the cottage cream cheese (at least I think that the cottage cream cheese is English meaning for our tvaroh). So I decided to buy it 🙂 I won’t describe how it was difficult to find some shops here but I was succeed, I thought it… I bought something what look likes as tvaroh and the shop assistant confirmed me that it is what I have been searching). But after I tasted it at the flat I found out it is very tasty but it isn’t tvaroh for sure. I guess it could be some lamb’s or goat’s cheese or something similar… Well I woul have to look for tvaroh further.
  • the amounts of hair lounges – as I mentioned I tried to find some shops (I am a little worried that the deparment store is something that the Maltese don’t know :-(). During wandering in the narrow Maltese street and finding for food shop I came across lots of hair lounges… almost in other streets there is some one… I don’t understand why, but when I will have an idea to demage (I dubt that I will be able to learn some useful words in this area and for this reason every attempt must finish unsuccesful) my hair I won’t be worried where I should do it.
  • 5 years ol child and pole dance – in the evening finally I had a pole dance training (I just waited after my roommate had finished her lesson, yes, she is a pole dance teacher – how it is a chance, isn’t it? Be sure it is not a chance that I live here :-)) But what I want to write it is that she has a 5 years old daughter and as we maybe suspect the cute gilrs mirrors her mum and I can see something unbeliavable. I will have to take some photos of her because the young Ina has more power than boys who try a pole dance in my flat in Czech 🙂
  • lemon trees everywhere – finally, the last interesting thing what made me suprised today was a lemon tree. During finding for shop I visited lots of street in the neighbourhoods and almost every 1 out of 3 houses has own lemon tree… hm I think that I will have a lemon juice very often :-)) because when I see the prices of fruits and vedgetables in shops I am not sure whether I will buy them any more :-)) (almost 2 euros for 2 apples, hmm, I am use to eat 4 piece of apples or other kind of fruits a day :-))).

I am exhauste and don’t have enough power to check and correct mistakes, so you appologize it… and if not, you cannot read it :-)) Bye


P.S.: I am going to upload some of photos tomorrow…

How did it begin

As probably most of you know a few months ago I decided to learn English eventually and because I am useless to do it in my country. I chose English speaking country that I fell in love with it in the first moment when I visited last year. Yes, it is Malta, small island near Sicily… And be sure that English is the one of oficial languages here because it is only about 50 years when Malta recieved its independence (it was part of the United Kingdom, not Italy as many people think).

I won’t describe how to apply for a job here and how to get a dream job. In my case, I can thank to a big happiness. But my adventure have just started and I would like to both share some my experiences and train my English (so that’s a reason why I write this blog in English although I know how these articles look like :-)). I hope that after year I will be able to see some progress 🙂