I don’t understand why…

1) People eat inside when the today’s weather was so beautiful – the sky was without clouds, the sun was shining and the wind is not blowing (as each day before).


2) Some people still clean the following boat. I ate out three times and for every moment, I could see the man cleaning the mentioned boat. The boat looks like very luxury and nice, however, it doesn’t make me a sense when the boat is still in the port and so far it hasn’t rained. By the way, I found out that the buying boat (in this size) costs approximately 525 000 euros… hm, it won’t be my investment.


3) Russian children practise their sailing in Malta 🙂 Actually, it was funny and cute to see them during having a lunch.


4) Some of the drivers (most of them are black people) are beeping their horns when I am nearby. I become too angry about their behaviour. It is not normal. By the way, I didn’t manage to shot any of these drivers.

5) Why should we use the air-conditioning in the office? Since people still put on their trousers and jackets. It doesn’t make me a sense. Just take clothes off and switch off air-conditioning – how simple it is.

I admit my coming early to work because I am alone here and I can switch off this stupid thing :-).

6) Why is the following sculpture standing in Spinola (Baluta Bay)? It reminds me the bridge near castle Veveri. Because on the railing standing near the sculpture, there are lots of locks for lovers (probably).

However, I had to shot my photo here as well :-)) And maybe for next time, I will meet man who take the photo with me :-))



And there are lots of other things in Malta that doesn’t make me a sense… Conversely, I am still excited and happy to be here. All looks like so romantic, from another century :-)) (of course, last century, not future :0).

My first baking here

Since ever I arrived Malta, I have been thinking about baking because it is my big hobby in the Czech Republic. But until this morning, I haven’t found enough courage.  I was worried about lots of things, such as the names of ingredients in English, of course, the prices of these things, I didn’t know whether Marissa has the bowl, weight, and so on.

Because a few days ago I found out that in the kitchen there are the forms of muffins and I have even found the baking powder I decided to bake the muffins for the first time. In my opinion, it is by far easiest cake what I have ever baked so far. I set out to the shop in the morning (after my warm up – running)

I set out to the shop in the morning (after my warm up – running) and bought some of the ingredients. Hm, it is not cheap, after all, most of the food in Malta, but I counted with this fact. By the way, for example, the packet of 6 eggs cost about 1,20 euros, the bottle of 1 l sunflower oil costs approximately 1,80 euros, 2 pieces of banana cost 0,52 euros and 1 packet of butter (225 g) costs 2,79 euros (the most expensive thing in my purchase and I found out at the counter because there wasn’t any price written on the packet). Actually, there were lots of kind of cheaper packets of butter in the shop but I absolutely wanted to buy the butter, not margarine.

At home, I prepared all necessary ingredients. There were lots of small problems. I haven’t found the weight so I had to weigh by eye :-). Moreover, I have only wholemeal flour and coconut sugar. Never mind, at least, my muffins are more healthy than muffins of white sugar and flour. Furthermore, Marissa hasn’t got the microwave oven and I am used to using it for melting of butter. And the last one was discovering that the butter doesn’t have the same flavour as I am used to. It is more salt but never mind.

In the end, I mixed all of the ingredients together, cut the fruit (banana and strawberry) and filled the dough in the form of muffins as you can see in the pictures.  Maybe now you are wondering why I baked only 6 pieces of muffin. The answer is simple 🙂 The more muffins I baked, the more I would have eaten and I still cut down my addictive on sweet 🙂 (unsuccessful of course).

P1030438 P1030437

During the preparation of dough, I asked my new roommate Erika for the documentation. I agree that I am a little crazy/strange/unusual (just choose your option) girl :-).

P1030434 P1030435

And what does the result look like? I must admit that it is not bad but I should have baked it for a long time (but at home 20 minutes is enough time). I just meet the oven here. I enjoyed eating on the roof. And now (1pm) only two pieces of muffin are here :-). Would you like to choco-banana-strawberry muffin to eat? Just come and see me, but you must hurry up 🙂

P1030441 P1030442 baking1

A little history of Malta or Tarxien Temples

According to forecast, today (9th April) should have been raining, so I decided not to go to the beach and instead of sunbathing learnt something about Malta. On the Internet, I was looking for some museum near to Swieqi. In the end, I chose Tarxien Temples although it is not near to Swieqi.

I must admit missing my bus stops and I got off in Zejtun and had to go back. Fortunately, I’ve met the older woman who was willing to show me round Tarxien and I had a possibility to train my English as well. I found out such as woman travelled a lot and also visited Prague and Drážďany, so we were able to compare the life in Malta to the Czech Republic.

However, in the middle of the city (in my opinion, I would call it as a village) I explore the place covered a canvas that seems to be my goal of the journey – Tarxien temple. The entrance costs 6 euros for an adult.

Through all complex, the elevated walkway is crossing and from this, you can see the complex of four templates dated from Late Neolitic (3600 – 2500 BC), starting with the modest structure to the East Temple and ending with the large six-room Central Temple (the archeologists use the word six-apse plan, but I don’t understand what the apse means in Czech). During Bronze Age, the South Temple was used as a cemetery. By the end of the Roman period, the area was turned into fields for agriculture equipped with lots of water channels.

At the following photos, you can see the whole complex of Tarxien Temples from a distance. In the third picture, I shot the cat sleeping on the limestone (Notice: In Malta there are lots of wild cats, I maybe prepare some article about this fact which is typical for Mediterranean’s countries).

P1030360 P1030373 P1030397

In the museum around the elevated walkway, there are situated a couple of boards with a few pieces of information that you can see in front of you. I’ve learnt such as that in Bronze age the change occurred in the way how inhabitants buried their dead – not to the tombs but cremated and placed in funerary urns. Further, the South and East Temples were built in the same period but the East Temple is a much smaller and simpler structure. However, both of them consists of megalithic walls, torba floors and sometimes with sculptures.

At the third picture, you can see a stone block with two curved spirals blocks the entrance into the second set of apses of the Central Temple. The one question arise in my mind when I see it: If they only had rope, fabric and leather available, how would they build a door for the temple?

P1030378 P1030383 P1030387 P1030399

In the photo above, it is something that seems to have constituted a focal point in the South Temple. The plugged cavity hewn within decorated surface, served as a cubbyhole in which a number of flint knives and burnt animal bones was found. I am wondering what kind of animal could have been used in rituals or feasting?

By the way, in the Tarxien Temples, the archaeologists found the largest collection of stone sculpture to be discovered in any of Malta’s Megalithic Temples, to date.

The exposition is a bit smaller that I got used seeing in the Czech museums but personally, it is worth seeing it, either this complex is in the list of UNESCO heritages or we can learn some detail about Malta’s history. What’s more, I could learn lots of new words, e.G. a niche, tomb, apse, flint knives, cubbyhole, cavity and so on. Yes, I probably don’t use them in a daily conversation but I can look like a clever girl with an interest in the archaeology :-).

Finally, I shared some photos with me as proof that I have been here :-).

P1030414 P1030395 P1030407

You probably suspect what it was doing after my visiting this exposition. Of course, I had an idea to continue walking back to „my house“. I remember that I don’t have any map of Malta so I could be oriented only of my sense of orientation and it isn’t my strong skill :-). Owing to this fact, I decided to go around the bus route. Unfortunately, in Marsa, the pedestrian walkway disappeared and I had to turn away from the main route. So just look at my trip in sport-tracker and judge how I succeeded :-).

However, I think that it is worth walking back because I could see lots of interesting places shared with you.

The following photo shows the „cathedral“ in Paola, it is near to the Tarxien Temples (by the way, at this square I bought my favourite lunch – qasata with ricotta – what a tasty fast-food).


After I went through Paola I could see from a distance something that looks like a rich cathedral. When I came to this building, I found out it is a main Malta’s cemetary.

P1030419 P1030420

I forgot to say that Maltese are not too cleanely nationality. I would describe lots os examples from the streets what I’d seen several times but there is a one thing for which I must boast them – every the ring-road is clean and they grow some flowers here as you can see at the followings photos.

P1030421 P1030422

Then I started losing myself I should have a possibility to see the only one horse race in Malta. It located in Marsa. What was the strange for me is the localisation of horse’s stable. In the picture it looks like as a nice calm place lying in the nature. I must warn that this pictures were taken from the walkway going around the main route. Yes, there are lots of noise and dust. I don’t think that it is a nice place for feeding a horse.

P1030425 P1030429

After my visitting Quormi (unplanned, but I discover the big supermarket Lidl, it could be helpful in future) I came to Hamrun and took several photos from the streets that kept old-town charming. Now I knew when I was and I chose the right direct to home.


Today I had been walking about 16 km but I am satisfied and not so much tired because I saw lots of new places, learnt new words, had a possibility to practise speaking in English, in the bus I started learning the differences between gerundium and infinitve after words.

What I say in the end, at home I met new roommate – Erica. She is from Brasil and now she is a student of one college in Malta. Welcome to Malta, Erica.

TODO list

This afternoon I had a lunch outside of my office because of air-conditioning and what a shame if I would have eaten inside when the sun had been shining and I have a view to the sea just five steps from the main door of the office. Well, why I write this unimportant paragraph? Honza may be replied that I am „grafoman“ (people who really like writing and sharing lots of unimportant daily situation with the rest of world) but for this time I completely need to have some list of my goals for living in Malta. And I’ve noticed this fact just on the bank where I’d have a lunch because from this place I could see some stores that offer lots of different sports activities and before my arrivals to Malta, I was thinking about scuba-diving a lot.

Well, the following items I’d like to fulfil then I decide to go back to the Czech Republic.

  • learn English – it is the main goal
  • try to scuba-diving
  • rent a yacht with friends
  • go to Comino
  • taste the national food – fenek (something as like as rabbit)
  • bake my own qasata with ricotta or something similar that consist of ricotta
  • visit Sicily again
  • run the marathon next February
  • visit Malta Firework Festival – see here
  • find some dance lesson here and try it (after my competition of pole dance will be over)
  • use the local hair or beauty studio 🙂 (just for compare to the Czech Republic)
  • taste some local soft-drink
  • travel by Harbour cruise at night
  • visit Popeye village – see here
  • visit local small ZOO
  • swim with the dolphins in Malta Marine Park – see here
  • swim at the sea in winter 🙂 (Hungarian colleague swam in January and he sait that it was possible, only a little colder)

Now that’s all but if I forget to mention some typical for Malta and you really think that I should try it, just write me a comment 🙂 I promise that I am going to take the photos from these activities (maybe English goal won’t have its own photo :-)) and share them with you 🙂

Malta Public Transport

Yesterday (7th April) I visited Valletta again – nothing that was surprising with my battle with bureaucracy. By the way, I made a progress – new paper what I should fill in – yeah, I sometimes have a feeling that the departments are kidding me.

Let’s go back the main topic. Since I had to use the public transport to get back to my work and enjoyed two „maybe funny“ (I’d rather say picturesque and surprisingly situations) I decided to write a few words about Malta Public Transport (this is an official name). Addition, when my notice related to how I hate travelling by public transport in Malta at my company caused a big discussion where I learnt lots of the historical crocks about local buses.

First of all, I describe my stories on my yesterday’s way to work. I was standing at the station in Valletta and one of the buses has just ended here. The driver of this bus got off, took his bag and left. The bus remained empty and open. For at least 10 minutes the bus was still open and none of the other drivers standing at this big station were doing anything. And what’s more, the people waiting for this bus didn’t start to complain about this state, they were calm and still waiting. I can’t imagine that something similar would have happened in the Czech Republic, it is impossible. But that’s not all. Because this bus was missing, of course, the bunch of people waiting at the others stop around all route wanted to get on. But the buses here have a limitation (respectively inside bus there is the notice about the limitation of passengers should be inside) and in Msida, the driver suddenly stopped. People started to speak, unfortunately, in Maltese, so I didn’t understand situation good but the driver probably waited as long as a few people got off. And yes, after a few minutes some of the people gave up and got off, then we continued on the driver’s way. Since I had a single-way ticket (at this time it was expired but not my mistake) I wouldn’t get off in any case :-).

Well, let me introduce the public transport in Malta more deeply. As I mentioned the official name is Malta Public Transport and it concludes several lines of buses (only buses, there are not even railway) in Malta and Gozo island (not Comino). Nowadays the government is the owner of the company and provide the online website (but there we don’t find something as like as IDOS, just use the google for searching the best travel to another city and when the bus will be probably going). How the buses look like you can see the following picture. In the second one, there is a typical bus station. Notice that there are not any bench or penthouse in the case of rain.  The list of the following bus stops are even missing – there are only a few nearest bus stops, that means we must know which of a line is right, you are not able to find out at the bus stop.

P1030352 P1030350

By the way, this morning I’ve read one article by New Zealand’s student who is just living in Brno and I really pleasured how he described my hometown and I’d like to highlight one sentence: „The Czech Republic also offers one of the best transport systems in all of the Europe, it’s fast, efficient, cheap and always on time.“ That’s a pity that I can’t say the same about Malta Public Transport.

Well, it isn’t so long ago when in Malta there was local ownership. It means that the bus drivers were the owner of their bus. Besides, the buses had still opened their door. I have a feeling that we had the same kind of buses in the first republic :-).

If you are interested in the history of public transport in Malta, I’ll recommend searching on the Internet, lots of information with a nice picture of romantic old buses you can see in Wikipedia.

What does the prices of travelling by these buses come to? The single-way ticket (up to 2 hours) in winter season costs 1,50 euros and in the summer season, because of tourists, 2 euros. However, I recommend you to buy either 12 single-ways ticket per 15 euros or Unlimited travel for 7 days per 21 euros (I used it during my last year’s visiting). Both of them are valid for Gozo as well, so we don’t have to use Hop on Hop sightseeing services for travelling around all islands (I will write about this possibility how to explore Malta in some later topic).

In the case of you would like to spend more than 1 month here tallinja card will be probably the best solution. So far I haven’t applied for this card but I know that I am able to do online and what’s more I don’t need the ID card – it is unbelievable for local circumstances 🙂 But there is, at least, one problem, my Hungarian colleague revealed me that he had to wait about 3 months that he received this card after he had asked for it. But I already become to use these time limitations – I guess that it is a Mediterranean’s influence.

Let go back to tallinja card. I must cite the official website: „When using your tallinja card, you will automatically benefit from daily, weekly or monthly capping depending on your card. This means that once the total spend of all your journeys reaches a certain amount you will not pay for any more journeys in that same day, week or month (excluding night services). The more you travel, the more you save!“ It sounds good. The big advantage of the card is that your credit will be never expired. That means in the case of not travelling in some month you won’t lost your money on the card.


At the end of today’s article, I’d like to share a few photos associated with the transport in Malta. In the first picture, you can see standard Maltese taxi. Just look at the SPZ code. For the first time I thought that it must be some joke but later I found out that all of the taxis have the same code at the beginning.

And the second one shows the school bus. The interesting thing is that there are not any station. In the morning I saw some students standing on some corners of streets and the bus just stops here and picks up them. I am wondering how these corners are determined.

P1030356 P1030348

And the last photo I took on my way to home, it is near to my office (actually, it is just near to my favourite passtiz shop where I like buying my qasata with ricotta, it costs only 90c here :-)). The start time is true but so far I haven’t checked the closing time :-).


Succeed or not suceed?

I am not sure whether I marked this day as successful or unsuccessful. Well, you can judge it by yourself.

Firstly, I’ve visited the BOV again and met my „favourite“ clerk. I’ve already had the confirmation from my company and thought that it could have been enough to eventually open my bank account. I was wrong 🙁 For this time he wanted me to have some TAX number and I tried to explain that in the Czech Republic the physical man doesn’t have anything as like VAT ID of companies, but I have an identification number (you understand: the birth ID). After that he wanted me to let the notary or lawyer in my country confirm my Czech permanent address because of course, the passport card doesn’t include this address and my Czech ID card is not trusted in Malta.

However, in the end, I am applicant of Maltese bank account but I need either confirmation of my Czech address (and I don’t really want to solve it remotely and maybe it is not possible) or ID card in Malta, which I still don’t have because for the change I need an ETC engagement and so on. I was wondering how long the process will take the bank I got an answer that it is about two weeks. What?

But if I mentioned this time at my company everybody tells me that it is a short and normal time in Maltese conditions. Such as, one of colleague applied for tallinja card (card of local public transport) and the process of application took this department of transport three months… uff. I don’t imagine that I would wait for „šalinkarta“ in Brno for three months. WTF

Secondly, I carried on my installation work what I’d started on Monday. In some previous post, I mentioned that I should test the plugin for WordPress. In the morning, I decided to be proactive and not wait for colleague (with the docker container) and prepare a testing environment. In the end, I’ve installed the LAMPP and WordPress going on this server. But I am relly able to create very strange and unusual situations (the colleagues in Brno could have spoken about my VDIs and their unstable behaviour). For instance, I created a standard MySQL user with all privileges (I needed it for deploying WordPress) in the command line but the later, I discover that the column password was empty and the column plugin consisted the required password… I’d like to know how I managed it… I totally suspect my version MySQL database that it is not suitable with version WordPress and this with the combination of Ubuntu environment caused lots of encrypted problems.

However, after about three hours I have the testing environment that is working right. Then I’ve spent about one hour on adding the colleague’plugin to WordPress. I was working with this colleague and it was the very funny situation. He was born in France and probably lived here for long time so his English is not so perfect, his command of English is at the same level of me. Well, just you imagine two IT people from different non-native English speaken countries with bad English how they had been speeking about one hour about technical problem in WordPress. A few days ago this imagination would have been impossible for me. But I must admit that we both managed well and what’s more, I found out lots of interesting information, not only from working world (such as the wifi password and now I am able to chating during lunch on my mobile phone – how it is an important thing in my life :-)). By the way,

By the way, his wife is origin of Peruan. So maybe I will have a possibility to learn Spain. But of course, I need to learn English badly.

Do you think that my day was succeesful or unsucceesful in result? I still don’t know… we see it tomorrow (in Valletta).


A few notices from the job

I didn’t plan to write down another post today but a few things happened at my work that make me surprised again and I completely must share with you (Honza maybe was truth that I am a „grafoman“, hm, the google even doesn’t know the English expression for „grafoman“, just person who like writing a lot).

The first thing that I’ve noticed after I came in my office was the disappearing of my cup. Later, after having a lunch and coming back to the kitchen the woman liberally took me my dishes and she immediately started to wash them. What a beautiful service in Malta! Yes, I saw the same woman yesterday how she was walking around all the offices and taking the empty cups of tea/coffee. And I must say that the kitchen here is very clean (against what I recognized in the Czech Republic). But I am not used to let somebody else wash my dishes.

The another funny thing of this day is my keyword. Now I know why I felt a little uncomfortable yesterday when I was writing or doing something on my laptop. Just today I realised that I don’t have a czech keyboard 🙂 Well, I understand that I can’t expect that my Maltese keyboard includes the czech letters (ž, š, etc.) but the special characters have a little different localization. Of course, I know by heart the some of the keys but it still makes me comfortable a bit. But I discovered just today because one of the colleague spoke about how he got the German keyboard by mistake when he’d started to work here. So maybe I would be happy to have „only“ Maltese keyboard.

Now it is a good time for my boasting and say something for having a rest. Because I still suffer of cold by air-conditiong (by the way, I still don’t understand why we should use it when everybody put on the warm clothes in the officies) I had my lunch outside again. And for this time I had my camera with me and took some photos out of place where I was eating. You must confirm that something similar I am not able to enjoy in the Czech Republic during a lunchtime.

P1030320 P1030318

And what actually have I been doing this working day? I run java project from maven with all dependecies on selenium webdriver. So I am able to start writing some automation test for UI. Then I’ve met the old method of testing my product. But now I should test the plugin for the wordpress and it seems that I should have prepared on my own. After studying lots of information on the Internet I found out that I will have to deploy some web server (probably apache with MySQL and PHP), then upload wordpress plugin and in the end download our company’s plugin. And these all thing I must run on Ubuntu. Hm, yes, it sounds very easy for me, I am not scared at all :-))) (you understand: I am very worried about my next days because I still lost myself on file system of Ubuntu and my left monitor has a connectivuty problem from time to time). However, I immediately delegated my problem to French colleague and he replied me that I wouldn’t need to instal apache, just only the docker container… as I know what it is :-)) However, tomorrow we are going to do together so it will be a good opportunity to practise my English and learn something new at IT. I only hope that I become embarrasing so much.

I already finisg with this article, don’t worry 🙂 I only mentione that I’ve met the Czech boy in the sister’s branch of our company. Nice to meet you, Tom. I am really happy to have a possibility of solving and talking with somebody who understand how difficulty is for me to manage everything. We are going to Valletta together and he is showing me how to get ID card.

And the last one is for boys or whoever interested in the cars. On my way to home I went around the cars standing in the traffic jam (how else for Malta). Just look at SPZ code of these cars (you maybe need to zoom of the photo). And it wasn’t a first time when I’ve seen something like this. I wonder whether it is allowed in Malta and how much it comes to :-)).


I absolutely hate the bureaucracy

As the title reveals this morning I’ve visited another official department in Malta. For this time, I decided to manage my bank account. Since the HR assistant spoke about the BOV (Bank of Valletta) I set out to the nearest branch of this bank with full of enthusiasm.

First of all, I was surprised nicely that there isn’t any ticket machine and the queue and I was my turn right away. Secondly, I don’t understand why loudly music must play in the official building, what it isn’t terrible enough to listen to inappropriate music in the store department?!

After saying Good morning the main question happened: Where are you from? I said I was from the Czech Republic. The replied I absolutely didn’t hear. „It would be very difficult to open the bank account since you are from the Czech Republic“. I commented that we all are part of the European Union. The clerk sighed that I was right but it is not a good time and everything in Malta is changing.

Firstly, he required the ID card but as you know I still haven’t got it because I need lots of documents for its applying for… oh that bureaucracy. Secondly, the clerk suggested another solution – my Czech bank should confirm my identification and solvency, of course in English.

I don’t know whether I looked so bad or my English was so awful that the clerk disappeared for a moment and then he suggested me the last and according to me the best solution. My employer confirms my working in Malta ant then the bank will be willing to open my bank account here.

So now I am not able to say whether I was or wasn’t succeed today but I know one thing certainly I must go to the bank tomorrow again 🙁 Because the working hours here are from 8:30am to 2pm so I didn’t make it this afternoon.

Later, one of colleague revealed me if not be succeed in the branch located in St. Jullian I should go to another branch (such as in Swieqi) and the clerks working in another branch often works under different (understand: their own) rules. It very often happens that in one of the branches you do not succeed and another one you get everything that you want… hm, I have never expected this behaviour, but ok… I am in Malta (and here, for instance, four years ago the bus didn’t have the doors, something that we have in the last century).

And when I sigh that I maybe won’t be able to get the first salary because silly rules and laws in the BOV, the colleague told me: Don’t worry, the system of cheques is still working in Malta… but what is it? I have never owned any cheque.

I haven’t still sacked

Today (4th April) was my first working day in Malta. Because I got the instruction not to come before 9am I decided to sleep for a long time and prepare in a more carefully (you understand me: put make-up, choose some pieces of jewellery and so on :-)).

The way to work took me about 20 minutes, I was walking very slowly and repeating some phrases for invitations (which I’d immediately forgotten when I got in my office). By the way, there are two entrances to my company, both of them you can see the following photos.

P1030317 P1030316

I admit that I was really nervous about my first day at new job. But fortunately, all passed successfully, respectively I think so. Yes, there are lots of details that I would like to avoid, such as I am enforced to work on Ubuntu 🙂 (for an explanation: all my life I have a laptop with windows and I seldom had to test some scenario on Linux).

I don’t know how it is possible but it is my third job as quality assurance (tester) and again I will start to built some automation environment. So that means I will probably create some testing environment, deploy the virtual machines, write the test cases, instal of testLink tool and so on.

The company seems to develop via an agile process but today I haven’t noticed any stand-up meeting. Maybe you wonder what I should really do here. Truthfully, I don’t know it exactly. The name of my position is Quality Assurance Engineer so I am responsible for creation test scenarios for the new feature of the product, communicate with manager and product owner and of course with a rest of team – in this case only developers. The company is specialised in mobile services, provides some solutions for other business. But now I have lots of feeling and some funny moments (yes, I caused two faux passes yet). And the fact that I was unable to login to my laptop for the first moment I’d better not to mentioned.

Firstly, when I asked for credentials to access to confluence page, the boys started to laugh loudly. Because I have still the problem with my understanding in English I got nervous a bit. But after a while, they explained to me that the credentials are so stupid that they cannot say loudly on the whole office and that I must understand that I am working with IT boys so no matter how the credentials look like I mustn’t laugh and think something bad about them.

Secondly, when I fought with the understanding that there aren’t any hyperV or vmWare client or any virtualization software I wrote down „I’m a little disappointed“ instead of „I am a little confused“ on Skype (just my bad English). And one boy replied: „Already?“ (yes, it was only about one hour after I’d been starting to work here).

But I must say that everybody try to speak slowly and use some easy words when they are speaking with me. However, in the case of they were talking each other I understood nothing. Even, I had a feeling that they spoke in Maltese because almost of them are the origin of Maltese. Oh, I should introduce my team to you. I forgot to do it.

I work with 11 boys in my office and only me and the other one are from different country. The other boy was born in Hungary. So we made a joke that we are almost neighbour but we are not able to understand via our mother tongues. I created the map of my office and let them write their name.

And my today speaking I’d like to finish with sweet memory what I’d enjoyed at the office. After a lunch, my boss brought the box of cannoli. It is a traditional Sicilian dessert and of course, it is fully of my lovely ricotta :-). So it was my first meet with ricotta in a sweet way (by the way, for a dinner I bought qasata with ricotta. I was looking forward to eating it all day.) There were lots of flavour of cannoli and I think that it is not difficult to guess what kind of cannoli I’ve chosen 🙂 Yes, I had a chocolate one. Now I will have to train a pole dance a little bit more because of calories.

P1030312 P1030314 P1030315

Oh, I’ve just remembered that I still wanted to say something. I understood why guys wear the warm clothes here. I was really glad I put on long dresses. I hate the air-conditioning in the offices. So I spent my lunchtime outside (on the bank of the sea).

The relax on Sunday

Because today is Sunday and my last day off (the time of acclimatisation passed so quickly, I wouldn’t have any problem to extend days off) I decided to have a rest – no long trip. Well, I have run only about 30 minutes and my pole dance training took me about 1,5 hours… what a short time 🙂

Then I wanted to go to the beach and enjoyed the shiny sun a bit. But I was not satisfied with the temperature (the wind was still blowing) and the colour of the water was not so blue as I imaginative at St. George’s Bay that I continued to walk around the bank. By the way, I bought my lovely qassata with ricotta.

Near to complex of luxurious hotels I could see typical Maltese kinder garden, most of them has a wifi connection and place for moving a child’s nappy. During my walk, I was thinking about one problem related to driving in Malta. As you still know the driving is on the left, that means I try to look to the right first of all when I across the road (I am not succeed so much as I would need). But which of parts of pavement would I use – I should go on the left in the pavement? Because I sometimes had a problem to avoid the people going against me.


Because I wanted to have a photo of myself on the beautiful beach and I saw a bunch of people in front of me on the route, I set out to walk around the coast. Yes, it was my rest day… However, it is worth walking further. I didn’t get a nice photo but I shot lots of maybe interest place and learnt new things about Pembroke (the name of the city spreading over this part of the sea).

At the following picture, you can see something as piping but I didn’t figure out what actually it is. My tip is that it was a water piping, maybe the building was a factory for desalination salt water from the sea. Later, from the boards (probably something similar to our nature/educational trail) I learnt that this area is a military training area, but it was public accessible, only the board warning against danger stood here.

Later, from the boards (probably something similar to our nature/educational trail) I learnt that this area is a military training area, but it was public accessible, only the board warning against danger stood here. On the route back I just figured out the following: When the red flag is flying in the vicinity no one is permitted to enter the firing zone for obvious safety reason. Hm, for next time I will have already known 🙂 and take a care.

By the way, Pembroke served as a Military base during the British rule on the Maltese islands. There were two types of shooting ranges at Pembroke: the Musketyre range (for small arms fire) and the Artillery ranges (for cannon fire).


After a while, I saw any tower and I immediately decided that this one is my today aim of walking. From another table, I found out that the Madliena Tower is one of several commissioned by Grand Master De Redin in 1658 to safeguard the Maltese coast. Apart from serving as watchtowers, the coastal towers also acted as signal posts to be notified speedily if an enemy attack was imminent. During the Victorian era, whilst Malta was under British rule, the area around the Madliena Tower (today’s Pembroke) was further developed to accommodate a 64-pounder RML Gun on a circular carriage. Nowadays the Armed Forces of Malta use the tower to signal a warning whenever military training is underway nearby.

By the way, I’ve met the Korean boy here, so I could ask him for my photo as you can see in the other picture. Later, this boy has run me and asked me what I am doing here and so on. It is nice to practise English every time wherever with anybody.

P1030292 P1030297

Nearby the Madliena Tower was the big hole. From the other clever board, I could find out that this hole in the ground is a stone throwing fougasse or mortar devised by the Order of St. John as a cheap way of slowing down an enemy landing at a vulnerable point along the coast. A large number of these are believed to have been built along the South-eastern coast of the island and in Gozo (the second island of Malta). Today only a few remain.


At the other photo, there is a training area for Armed Forces of Malta where I had been walking without any suspicion of imminent danger. By the way, you can see the mentioned complex of luxurious hotels when I had started my way.


At the last photo from today unplanned trip, there is something that I would compare to our block of flats, but this area was death, unanimated. But you can notice that the taggers live in Malta as well. Because I shot this photo from a distance, I don’t know whether the other clever board (from the nature trail) was and could make me learn something new. I guess that it could be some former accommodation for the army.


Then I returned back and because there was nothing interesting, the only centre of St. Julian (lots of noisy people and I am not really interested in crowds and traffic jams) I didn’t take any other photo. I must admit that I didn’t sunbathe at all and went home because in my mind the thought sprung – I am able to have private sunbathing on the roof. And as I thought myself, I did it 🙂 Well, I spent part of my afternoon over textbooks. I didn’t open them but the photo is so cute and trusted, especially the ice-cream that I’d bought on my way back (I absolutely don’t spend money over expensive scoops from the ice-cream’s stands).


That’s almost all from today. There is a little notice – I had a very funny conversation with Marrissa and her mum about Tinder application for speed dating. They both explained how it is working to me. Should I try it in Malta? Since both of women was laughing some pictures of men here I am not sure at all.

The record from this walking is here but I must warn that I didn’t count with the long trip for the first time, so I started to record later.