Italy trip – Pisa time

As I wrote in the last article, from Rome I took the train and went to Pisa. I was there in 22:50. Yes, a bit late. So after replying on some e-mail I went to bed and looking forward to seeing the center of Pisa tomorrow. Now I am going to share a few photos from Pisa trip (about 10 km, nothing long). I was on Monday (24th October).

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Italy trip – Rome part

It is too long story why I decided to have this Italian trip that I am rather lazy to explain it. Firstly it should have looked like totally different. One of my acquaintance should shown me around Italy. But he changed his decision and I have already bought air-ticket and the train ticket to Livorno that I decided not to give up. During last month I tried to plan everything but all the time something is changed at the last moment, nothing is certain. And I am really curious how all will happen. Only one thing was for sure – my arrivals date – 22nd October.

Pokračování textu Italy trip – Rome part