Italy trip – romantic Venezia

Almost after 20th days in Italy I finally got to the city that attracts me and I didn’t know what I should expect – lots of tourists, bad smell? But let’s go back. On Thursday (10th November) I took again my „not-favourite now“ Flix bus (why? it is a long story, maybe in some of next article) and went to Venezia (Venice, Benátky).

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Italy trip – Trieste time II

The last day in Trieste (9th November) I was walking a lot because I wanted to see lots of things that this city offers – there is the biggest square opened to the sea in Europe, the most biggest cave on the world (unfortunately, I didn’t see it), the second biggest lighthouse in Europe.

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Italy trip – Trieste time I

On Monday (7th November) I took the Flix bus and headed in Trieste – my the most east city on my long trip. I have one friend there who promised to show me around. The journey took 5 hours – omg, and I couldn’t fall asleep (I woke up at 5AM with thinking about the sleeping in the bus. What a naive idea.)

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Italy trip – Milano and Como lake

On Monday (31th October) I took the FlixBus again and continued on my Italian trip. The next stop was Milano, the northest country that I would visit in Italy. Actually, maybe it is not true because not I am changing my plan again, so we will see where exactly I will end my trip.

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Italy trip – the weekend in Genova III

The last part about my visiting Genova is about the discovering during the weekend (29th and 30th October). Because my hosts there have a car we took it and went around Genova. Besides the discovering, it was the tasting time of the traditional not only Genovese cuicine.

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Italy trip – dolce Genova I

On Wednesday (26th October) I had my first experience with the bus agency called FlixBus. I took the bus from Firenze to Genova. It took me get to Genoa about three hours but I must make a compliment to this company – good prices, comfortable, WIFI connection (so I can work) and the most important thing, especially for women, there is a toilet :).

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Italy trip – Firenze funny time

On Tuesday’s morning (25th October) I took the train in Pisa central station and headed in Firenze (Florence in Italy). The ticket cost 8,40 euro. There should be a cheaper version with going to the Pisa airport (1,50 euro) and change the bus to Firenze (4,99 euro). But at the end I chose something easier for me. Besides, I was worried that I lost myself. Anyway, nobody checked again my ticket in the train. And I probably took the fast train – after 40 minutes I was in Firenze – for my first time.

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