Switzerland trip – Zurich, Bern – unplanned journey

As I wrote before I should go to my country on Wednesday (16th November) from Zurich, changed the bus in Munchen, came to Prague and took the studenAgency to Brno. But one means, the life changes. Some of you probably have noticed that I was in Bern on Wednesday. Well, instead of getting closer to my country I am getting further and further. It seems that I am heading in the west. No, it wasn’t my plan – visiting Zurich and Bern. It just happened. I would say that it was the story for the certain soap opera. Let me explain it to you from the begginig.

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Liechtenstein trip – but also Switzerland trip

Time passed so quickly and it was Tuesday (15th November). One day after my birthday and it didn’t seem that I would be more adult. Actually after today (16th November) I think that everything crazy is possible with me. But let’s go back to Tuesday although I know that the large amount of you are really interested in what I am doing in Bern (at that time when I am writing I should have been in Brno, hm).

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Liechtenstein trip – birthday and the cows

Monday (14th November) was bad and good day altogether. Are you asking why? Because it is my birthday. Yes, I was enjoying too much – celebrating in two different countries – Liechtenstein and Austria. And why bad day? Because I am one year older, omg, I should behave as like as an adult. Hm, I will do my best at next year.

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Liechtenstein trip – lovely mountain

My first all day (13th November) in this beautiful small country called Liechteinstein (haha, all the time I have the problem to write this name, a bit worried to miss some of the letters). I really didn’t wait for the morning and enjoy the wild nature there.

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Italy trip – say Goodbye

First of all I should go to Verona and then continue to Munchen and end up in Prague. However, during the look for some accommodation in Munchen I got an offer to visit Liechtenstein. It was a bit risk, lots of rebooking of Flix buses but then I thought myself why not? Actualy, this year I have visited Vatican, San Marino, thus I must visit another smallest country in Europe. Therefore, on Saturday’s morning (12th Novemver) I took the Flix bus headed to Chur in Switzerland.

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