The cold weather and taking a photo – why not?

Before I left the Czech Republic I wanted to take some photos for the last time and yes, we had arranged with the photographer a few months before and I don’t regret. It is a nice memory of my last month in my home country. Thank to Jirka. And I shouldn’t say „Thank you“ my hairdressers Tetiana and make-up artist Katka.

If you have never tried to be a model, you are maybe wondering how the photographing looks like. First of all, I must note that I don’t do it for the money. It is for fun, relax, make a new friend, learn something about taking a photo and maybe, rise a self-confidence. The system is called TFP (Time for photos). That means the arrangement between model, photographer and sometimes make-up artist and hairdresser meet together, whereby the photographer agrees to provide the model with an agreed number of pictures of the best photographs from the session. This arrangement is good for all participants because model receives professional photos, the photographer (hairdresser, make-up artist) can present with the photo and create their photo presentation book.

And how did it start? On Saturday morning, we all met together at my home and the improvement of my visage could start 🙂 Some of the photos from this phase you can see in the following picture.

IMGP2361 IMGP2358

First of all, we’d planned with Jirka to take photos only in Veveri castle and changed my look here. But because of the cold weather (something about 6 degrees under zero) in the end, we took some photos in the surroundings of my home, changed my look and carried on Veveri castle. The following photo is a proof that it was really cold. I had a coat (it is not a typical part of my clothes) and maybe I look exhausted a bit.


And what’s the result look? I add two pairs of photos for comparison before and after. Just say: Isn’t Jirka so handy! And of course, both of girls.

IMGP2401 ctvrta

And the second pair of photos before and after.

IMGP2412 pataLepsi

I eventually share rest of photos from this photo session. I try to choose a different kind of photos. And what should I say in the end? I am really satisfied partly because I met new handy people and we still write each other (and plan to take some photos in Malta) and partly because I got lots of positive feedback that these photos have some feeling and content. And exactly these things are the most important from the photo session. The photo should invoke some feeling, emotion.

treti sesta sedma

By the way, I completely love the red lipstick 🙂 Unfortunately, so far I haven’t bought it.


See you later with the next photo session (probably in Malta).