Short memory on pole dance competition

Time passed so quickly (hm, it is not new information, I know). But it is almost 4 months since I participated in my first (hopefully not the last one) pole sport competition. I have already written about the training, travelling from Malto to my country owing to spend one day in Prague. But I realised to make a compliment two girls without them it would probably never happen.

Pokračování textu Short memory on pole dance competition

I am not lazy and still train

Because my championship is over I can train new trick on the pole. I try to train almost every day but I must admit small progress :-(. I focus on twisted grip into ironX as I have written in some previous article. But this trick requires long preparation and having stronger muscles (mainly around elbow joints). For this reason, I choose various kind of tricks that could be helpful on my way to IronX.

Pokračování textu I am not lazy and still train

The Czech championship in pole sport again

I eventually have my first professional video in pole dancing. It is, of course, from the Championship when I competed a few days ago as you know probably.

Because I was mistaken I didn’t share the video in public, first of all. But after I looked at this video I found out that the firs part of choreography is not so bad as I myself thought. After all, it was my first public performance. Besides it, I was ill and I have never danced on Gympole (only X-pole). And I got some positive feedback that I decided to reveal the link of my video. I will be grateful if you send me some feedback because I really need to hear what I should change and improve. But I am not sure whether I will ever compete again. Maybe I shouldn’t do it… Pokračování textu The Czech championship in pole sport again

Pole dance again

Yesterday when I was writing about the Czech championship in pole sport I forgot to say lots of things and some small today’s detail reminded me that I should carry on pole dance story in this evening.

Firstly, I would like to write what the championship gave me and what took me:

It took me:

  • plenty of time to do anything else,
  • of course, I waste lots of money :-)) (but not only for lessons, it included lots of different things but never mind, I counted with it)
  • possibility wearing some my lovely dresses 🙁 I am not able to wear within my back now 🙁 probably I gain some muscles, hmm. It is not fair, I would prefer losing some fat instead of gain muscles.

It gave me:

  • the sense of life – now I have some challenge ahead myself,
  • lots of new friends,
  • maybe the sense rhythms,
  • get to know how to create the choreography, music and everything around competition background – it is very different to the running competition life,
  • lots of bruises. The funny thing is that pole dancers are proud of their bruises :-)) they don’t try to hide them :-))
  • maybe more self-confidence. All the time I had to obey how the self-esteem is so much important for good and professional performance that I try to get familiarised with it,
  • learn lots of advanced exercises on pole – such as Aysha and handsprings, shoulder mount and caterpillar climbing.

What will I do in pole dance now after the competition is over? It is an easy answer to be sure, that I don’t end up and hang pole dance on the nail :-)) Conversely, I would like to learn more advanced exercises than before, for example yesterday and today I started learning twisted grip deadlift – more information you can study here. I must admin falling down this afternoon but I don’t give up although lots of articles speak about several months than one is able to manage it clearly.

And further? I decided to support my the best teacher that I have ever met 🙂 Lenča and Pavlík will have a pole dance competition in Italy, concretely in Rome. And it wouldn’t like me if I had an idea to go to Rome from Malta. I think it is near and what’s more, the Ryanair flies every day to Rome so why not? I have just bought return air-ticket for one weekend in June, nice, I am so happy. I have never done something similar – euro-weekend :-)) I have already managed my accommodation here (but I would rather keep in secret what I though, bot no worries to be sure that I am going to write about Italian story after it happens). Let go back to my teacher. She and her boyfriend will perform with their best-known choreography Drákula a Něžná oběť. If I saw it for the first time, it made me very impressed. So I am looking forward to seeing this performance live. And what’s more, I will have two extra days for sightseeing Rome. I have never been here.

And what pole dance in future? I spoke with Maruška (my buddy in pole sport championship) about possibility to establish the second duo art 🙂 But firs of all, I must be back in my country for training together.


The championship in pole sport 2016

During weekend 7-8 May the Czech Championship in pole sport was held in the capital city Prague. Last year (at the end of November) I spoke with my pole dance teacher Lenča about the possibility of performance here. But I must warn you that I started training more (understand: attend to private lessons just in November) so I am a beginner (laik) although I have met pole dance in August 2014. However, the private lesson is totally something different than standard group lesson with the other girls – such as I had to take some supplement (glutamine), otherwise I was unable to train so much, but it is another story about my love – pole dance (maybe next time).

I wouldn’t expect how much time the preparation for competition could take me. In the end, I had two private lessons a week and almost every day I practise pole dance at my home (of course I had to change a little my schedule in Malta but I still trained almost every day). But preparation is not only about training the individual exercises and figures. You need to find the suitable music, shorten it to only 2 minutes. Further, you need a special dress for final performance. Of course, that must match lots of rules. And I wouldn’t remember the main part is thinking about the choreography because there are lots of rules for it as well if you don’t want to lose lots of points.

Let go back to the own championship. I performed at amateur category with Maruška (thank you for support, I really needed it). The registration started at 9 and until 11AM we had a possibility to try the pole. So far I have used to a X-pole, but there was Gym pole. The biggest difference is the speed of spin – very quickly. But fortunately, it wasn’t slippery as I was worried for the first time.

Before a performance, it was necessary to prepare me – put on some make-up and clothes (thank Erika for sewing). I also changed my hairstyle with Maruška’s help. Approximately at 14 it was my turn. Big thank Lenča for support before the performance. She has been spending some time with me and Maruška and enforced us to warm-up and breathing. I think that it was very helpful because during my show I didn’t feel any nervosity and I must admit that it was the first time when I danced in my dress and on Gym pole (in addition after illness).

You can see the photos before and after with Maruška and Lenča.

pred po

The last big thank is for Monča who was so willing to drop me out to Prague and back to Brno. And what’s more, I enjoyed talking with her during all our trip in a car. Yes, we were finding for a car in Prague because Monča parked it and went to Hybernia theatre owing to watch our show. But in my opinion, it was funny how two women (from Brno, that is a village in eyes of Prague people) were asking everybody how to get Karlín and almost other person was a foreigner – what it reminds me :-)) (maybe Malta life :-)).

And there is one photo outside the theatre. I don’t have more photos so far but after I get the professional photos from the show I will share them probably here.


And what’s about result? First of all, I was satisfied because I didn’t fell down. But unfortunately in one trick I slipped a bit and for this reason I had to improvise, otherwise I would have finished sooner than music and it is problem (you lose some point if you are not in the rhytmus of music). This evening I’ve found out the result amount of my points and I am not satisfied at all. I know that it was fair and I still must work on my flexibility, self-confidence, weigh (of course that I am thicker than the pole dancer should be) and so on. I only hope that I didn’t shame Lenča because she gave me lots of advices and spent with me couple of hours. I promise to continue with this nice amazing sport (this evening I started training again, maybe for next championship).


Pole dance camp

I trained two days ago and I need the other training badly because I am addictive on the pole 🙂 Since I have been walking and running so much the last two days I had a rest from pole dance. However, I found a little time to sort my photos from the last pole dance camp and decide to create some article based on my big lover – pole dance. But meanwhile, I only share a few photos and somewhen in future I will write how and why I have started to learn this modern dance. By the way, my landlord Marrissa’s formed the first pole dance studio in Malta (that’s a chance that I’ve known her).

The flexibility and strength are the important part of good training. But I am still so hard in my legs 🙁 But once maybe…

1 (32) 1 (105)

I love figure called half-flag. It is very easy to exercise so for this reason I have it in my choreography for the championship. We are able to do a flag with other people at the same pole.

1 (130) 1 (172) 1 (173)

I am happy to find out that people trust me and I am able to carry them only on my feet 🙂 or hand (the last photo).

1 (142) 1 (146) 1 (182)  1 (192) 1 (167) 1 (152)

At the end of the presentation, I attach some photo from battle. I hope that I will get the video from this mini-battle (by the way, this year I won) and after I obtain it, to be sure, I’ll share it with you 🙂

P1020061 P1020198 P1020057