Back to my country with the short break

After 184 days abroad I was flying back to my country. Actually, just to be precise, I didn’t return back to my country. I had a short break in Rome. It was my third stay here. But for this time, it should be a bit special visiting this city. One of my Czech friends joined me and we met here. Again, my Italian friend hosted both of us. I was in Rome from Thursday 29.9. till Monday 3.10.

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Airshow Malta

On Thursday, I am leaving Malta, not forever, for the time being. It is time to move on and there are a few other countries that attract me. However, after having the bad experiences with my previous flights I was thinking about having my private plane :-). For this reason, I decided to attend the airshow in Maltese Airport Luqa on Sunday (25th September). Btw. it was my 180th day in Malta – the anniversary. And what could be the better gift than the private aeroplane? Pokračování textu Airshow Malta

The awesome Maltese concert

I don’t remember how it happened that I fall in love with Italian music, especially the songs by Eros Ramazzotti and Laura Pausini. But the things sometimes happen. The funny thing is that I didn’t know Eros and Pause before I arrived in Malta. And after six months here I visited the concert of Eros.

Pokračování textu The awesome Maltese concert

The hard life of an unemployed person

No, it is not any thinking how difficult life unemployed people have. This article is about my own experience from the last days. Ok, just to be precise, I am still employed by next Wednesday (15.9.). But I consider and feel myself as like an unemployed person since I am at home and theoretically, doing nothing. But only theoretically, the reality is a bit different.

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Freedom – new feeling

After almost 27 years I am getting to find new feeling – the freedom. Just to understand what I am meaning I am going to say the background. As some of you know, I was studying two universities. During my studies, I was also working. And because I probably love the digit two I also had two jobs :-). Thus, I was a bit tired. Running between schools, jobs, … And now I am free 🙂 Pokračování textu Freedom – new feeling

Comino Tour – I don’t have enough words


And the second weekend’s day (28th August) I decided to show Lucka around the third biggest island in Malta archipelago – Comino. I had three boat cruise around this island but so far I haven’t had any possibility to walk here, and mainly, take the photos :-).

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