A typical Sunday’s baking

A Sunday seems to be a traditional day for baking 🙂 First of all I didn’t bake at all. I wanted to have a rest for all day but I find the having a rest as boring a bit 🙂 I need to have a rest in a more active way 🙂 That meant I had a „double day“ (run twice, baking twice, sunbathing twice a day).

Partly because on my TODO list I wrote that I’d like to bake something with ricotta and partly because I was curious whether I am able to bake something like as qasata/pastizz in a more cheap way that I bought them.

I bought puff pasta (I don’t know whether it is a name for our listové těsto but the ingredients seem to be used the same, and consistency and taste of dough are sure the same). It cost 1,40 euros. Further, I had to buy a new packet of ricotta (I ate it so often). Approximately 500 g of this cheese cost 1,60 euros.

I must confess that I didn’t have any concrete receipt and I came with up my own receipt. For inspiration, I outline the working process. On a saucepan, I stew the frozen spinach with garlic and white yoghurt (I didn’t have a scream). Meanwhile,  I tried to roll my dough but I must mention that I didn’t have the flavour onto the chopping board (by the way, I’ve learnt this word) and Marissa couldn’t find her rolling pin (and this word I’ve learnt as well). In the second picture, you can see its substitute – it is a holder on the paper towels :-)) In the end, I was a winner and I had a slice of dough.

P1030633 P1030636

Then I could continue my process. I mixed up spinach with ricotta and one egg. In the end, I put this mixture on my slice of dought and rolled up. I baked it by eye about 30 minutes on 200°C.

P1030637 P1030638

And what does result look? You can persuade in the next picture that it very tasted :-). First of all, I planned to have it for my breakfast :-). I eventually kept one piece of cake.


Summary, I am not sure whether it was cheaper than I’d bought two pieces of my lovely pasta but I enjoyed spending my time with baking. See you next baking session.

My first baking here

Since ever I arrived Malta, I have been thinking about baking because it is my big hobby in the Czech Republic. But until this morning, I haven’t found enough courage.  I was worried about lots of things, such as the names of ingredients in English, of course, the prices of these things, I didn’t know whether Marissa has the bowl, weight, and so on.

Because a few days ago I found out that in the kitchen there are the forms of muffins and I have even found the baking powder I decided to bake the muffins for the first time. In my opinion, it is by far easiest cake what I have ever baked so far. I set out to the shop in the morning (after my warm up – running)

I set out to the shop in the morning (after my warm up – running) and bought some of the ingredients. Hm, it is not cheap, after all, most of the food in Malta, but I counted with this fact. By the way, for example, the packet of 6 eggs cost about 1,20 euros, the bottle of 1 l sunflower oil costs approximately 1,80 euros, 2 pieces of banana cost 0,52 euros and 1 packet of butter (225 g) costs 2,79 euros (the most expensive thing in my purchase and I found out at the counter because there wasn’t any price written on the packet). Actually, there were lots of kind of cheaper packets of butter in the shop but I absolutely wanted to buy the butter, not margarine.

At home, I prepared all necessary ingredients. There were lots of small problems. I haven’t found the weight so I had to weigh by eye :-). Moreover, I have only wholemeal flour and coconut sugar. Never mind, at least, my muffins are more healthy than muffins of white sugar and flour. Furthermore, Marissa hasn’t got the microwave oven and I am used to using it for melting of butter. And the last one was discovering that the butter doesn’t have the same flavour as I am used to. It is more salt but never mind.

In the end, I mixed all of the ingredients together, cut the fruit (banana and strawberry) and filled the dough in the form of muffins as you can see in the pictures.  Maybe now you are wondering why I baked only 6 pieces of muffin. The answer is simple 🙂 The more muffins I baked, the more I would have eaten and I still cut down my addictive on sweet 🙂 (unsuccessful of course).

P1030438 P1030437

During the preparation of dough, I asked my new roommate Erika for the documentation. I agree that I am a little crazy/strange/unusual (just choose your option) girl :-).

P1030434 P1030435

And what does the result look like? I must admit that it is not bad but I should have baked it for a long time (but at home 20 minutes is enough time). I just meet the oven here. I enjoyed eating on the roof. And now (1pm) only two pieces of muffin are here :-). Would you like to choco-banana-strawberry muffin to eat? Just come and see me, but you must hurry up 🙂

P1030441 P1030442 baking1