The New Year’s Eve abroad

Time passed so quickly and the last day of the year 2016 happened. As you probably know I was at that day in Firenze. I was really curious how Italians celebrate this event.

In the end it was a normal day as like as another one. But only because of the illness of my host. Anyway, in the afternoon we went to his another appartment close to the center of the city.

He rented it for next two days so we had to clean the flat a bit. Downstairs there is something as like as the massage bath as you can see in the following pictures. Therefore I had the possibility to try it.

Unfortunately the water was cold for the unknown reason. So we couldn’t have enyoed the relaxation too much. Never mind, next time.

As I have already said my host didn’t feel well so I spent all evening alone, only with my close friends on FB :)) Salute, online world. On the other hand, it had an advantage. I was working.

Anyway, at noon I found some really good sweet sparkling wine. It is a good thing that there was only the rest in the bottle. I would be able to drink all bottle… Nothing good for me and my mood :))

Anyway, in the morning of New Year’s Day I took the flixbus and went to Genoa.

I have really wonderful view out of my window in the room. Today (2nd January) I am watching the sunrise right now – amazing.

After my arrivals I was hungry a bit so we headed in the restaurant. Nothing easy to find the open restaurant in 1st January. But we were successful.

Yes, you really see the prawn in my plate. Actually, I knew that it would be ravioli with the shrimb sauce but I didn’t suspect that I will see the eye of the prawn. But I was smiling as you can see at the second photo. And I ate everything except the head. Sorry, but I cannot eat the eye, bleee…

In the afternoon I had one wish that my host there did it for me. I wanted to take my photo in the bikini close to the sea. You know in my country we say: The way you spend new year’s day, you will spend the year.

So now I should spend every my day in the sea. Nothing bad 🙂

The area was close to the village Vesima. There is also the old tunnel where the train used to go. We were going for a walk there. The dark view was amazing. Unfortunately, I cannot take the evening’s photos.

And the last photo was taken again from my window. The night view of Genoa

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