Let’s go to Israel – a lot of problems

When my boyfriend told me about his trip to Israel in January I was thinking whether I have the enough courage to join him and his younger brother. In the end I thought myself: Don’t be silly, this is an unique possibility how to perceive yourself and the sourdandings about no safety problem in Israel. As I said it I did it. Thus, we started our trip in 14th January.

Although I made the preparation in advance, such as my special clothes 🙂 see you the following picture. Nobody could have expected that three days before my boyfriend would fall ill and what’s worse, I caught it at the arrivals day.

Because we flow very early on Sunday (15th January) we decided to visit Bratislava a day before, look around, sleep there and in the morning next day go to the airport. But on Saturday’s morning I felt bad we had to change our plan a bit and go to Bratislava later evening. Unfortunately, we didn’t see the center of this capital city. Maybe next time. Israel is more important place for us. Sorry, that I had to say it, Bratislava 🙂

As I mentioned several times I am probably the lucky woman. On Sunday and all the time actually, I was healthy. But my boyfriend caught some vomitting and ill again. I suspicious bad food in Mc’Donals. He didn’t agree with me :)) No comment.

Anyway, go back to the main story. After approximately four hours we were in Ovda, the military airport where the company Ryanair operates.

Shamed on me. I didn’t look at the Google maps again, as usual in my travellings. Therefore I really didn’t know what I would see in this country. And I was really surprised what I saw out of the window of plane. Desert, grey and yellow colour. Nothing. Omg, how much it reminds me time in Malta last year. 🙂 But never mind. I like this kind of landscape. It is so different from the nature of my country. Just look at the following photos.

From Ovda we had to go to Eilat, the city in the most south part of Israel. It spreads on the shore of Red sea. Actually, the Ryanair offers the flight Bratislava – Eilat. But you probably know what kind of the airports this company offers in real.

In the first picture you can see the Jordan mountains in the background. Wonderful. I only regret that we didn’t enough time to visit Petra in Jordan. Btw. along all boundary between Israel and Jordan there is a fency. And the same thing is between Egypt and Israel as well. That’s a pity. I desired to stand there for a short time.

Anyway, at the second photo below you can see the part of Red sea. After the bus would go down from the mountain you can stand in Eilat.

Finally, we were there, in Eilat. At 5 AM we were cold in Bratislava. I don’t know how many degreeses there was. But I am sure that it was below 0°C. And about 2 PM we were at the place with the sea and about 22°C. Our vacation started.

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