Israel trip – the walk in Eilat

The first day in Israel we were in Eilat. In real, it is small sea resort, nothing speacial. Later on the Internet I found out that one week in the hotels there (not all inclusive) costs about 30 000 Czech crowns. Omg, why?

After we found our accomodation we went our. The boys needed to eat and of course, their choice was Mc’Donals. What else?! There was only one small problem – the entrance. Very early we noticed that in Israel there are a lot of soldiers with the tommy gun. And the same men protected the shopping mall. In fact, they checked the bags of people. For interest, they were more carefull than the guard in Jerusalem. Hmm, why?

After the boys‘ stomaches were full we finally could go to the shore of the Red sea. I was looking forward to be there. Yes, it is just a sea. But you must understand me. Last year I spent more time in the countries where is hot and they have the sea. Now I am mostly living in the Czech Republic and there is a such stupid weather and of course, no sea :).

We took the large amount of the photos in the sea. For the facebook timelines. Just to be honest, we wanted to boast about our super time in Israel. Sorry for it. 🙂

After some time we continued in our walk around the shore. We bought the untasty ice-creams. In Italy and Malta it was so delicious.

I also took the photos of the expensive local hotels. I would like to know who is willing to spend all week only at one place.

All the time in Eilat I had only one wish – visit and stand on Jordan border. It wasn’t so far from the promenade. We saw Aqaba, the city under the mountain in the background.

But both of my accompanies told me that it is impossible to get into Jordan without visa. You must pay about 50 USD for it. Pity. Next time we will visit Petra, I hope. No, I know it.

We tried to go to the bed early. Partly because of illnesses and partly because of the long journey to Jerusalem tomorrow.

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