Israel trip – journey to Jerusalem

Afer Eilat our second dreamy city was Jerusalem with its large amount of monuments. Actually, we thought that there are a lot of monuments, churches, synagogs and so on. But I was a bit confused about the city. But don’t disgress. Firstly, I’d like to speak about our journey to this city a bit.

Because Ivan didn’t want to rent a car we took the bus. Now (a few days later) I must admit it was maybe good idea. More comfortable and what’s more after bad  Ivan’nights without any sleeping I really cannot imagine how he would be able to drive. And I and his brother don’t have the drive licence. Hmm… Maybe it is good time to think about it. But firstly I am going to pass PADI scuba-diving licence. Hot much it is useful in the country without the sea :))

Let’s go back to our bus road. I must make the compliment of the public transport there. It is comfortable and what’s more, there is a free wife as same as in Eilat city. The journey took almost 4,5 hours and it costs 71 NIS for each of us (multiple by 8 if you are interested in the price in CZE). Not bad, I think.

The bus was full so I didn’t have the good seat to take the photos out of the window. For this reason you must apologise a bad qaulite of the following pictures. But there was mainly the view of desert. What else in Israel?!

As I mentioned in Israel there are the soldier with the tommy gun everywhere. And the same situation happened in our bus. One of this man sat down immediately behind me. It is really unusual feeling to have the tommy gun exactly behind my back.

We were guessing why the soldiers were going in the bus. Because of Palestina that we had to cross close to the Dead sea? In the end we agreed that in Israel there is a mandatory military training. Therefore it is really common to see them everywhere. But at the end of our stay there I couldn’t get to use. Just imaginate, you are standing in the bus or tram station. There is the typical muslim woman with burka or hidzab, small baby in the wheel chair, the juwish man with his typical hat and around all of these people the soldiers with the guns are standing. I have never seen too many tommy guns during my previous life.

Our bus trip was continuing. I didn’t understand the name of the bus stop at all. But I took the large amount of the photos. In the first one you can see Masada. At that time I didn’t know what it is. Later we decided to visit this place again. I am going to speak about it.

I finally saw the Dead sea after almost 3 hours in the bus. Maybe it is a miracle to see it. In Wikipedia you can read that each of year the sea level drops about 70 cm. Terrible.

Unfortunately, none of our days in Israel we didn’t have the options to visit and try the salinity of the sea on live.

As I have already mentioned we passed Palestina. I saw the bad cottage and the donkeys grazing around them. There is an attempt to take the picture of Jerusalem (the east part of the city – Palestina).

And again, immediately I got off the bus I saw the soldier with the tommy gun. And close him there was the Jewish man going away.

Anyway, it was 16th January and we stood in the cradle of three religions – cristian, muslim and Jewish – in Jerusalem.

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