Israel trip – Jerusalem time

We were spending our time in Jerusalem for two days – 17th and 18th January.  In last post I wrote about our 4,5 hours journey by bus. We got in Jerusalem about noon. Because my boyfriend still didn’t feel well so I and his brother went out by themselves.

Our hostel was located close the Damascus Gate. Therefore we were in the Old city during a few minutes.

Old city of Jerusalem consists of 4 quaters – Arabics, Jewish, Armenian and Cristians. In each of them there are the markets, bazaars and stands. I took a few pictures of the sweets there. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any option to taste them. We bought only Turkish honey, nothing bad. I have never tried it before.

For me it was a surprise that the control before the Western Wall (in Czech: Zeď nářků) was weaker than the control of the entrance in the shopping mall.

Anyway, I made an faux passe in the Western Wall. I wanted to take the photo close to the wall, so I came to the wall. But it was the male part of the wall. Omg, why do Jewishs divide the wall into the male and female part?

Then we wanted to see the main muslim mosque (Skalní dóm na Chrámové hoře) in the Mount Scopus. In the end we went around all the fortification. Thank it we saw the Mount of Olive (the second picture).

After we passed the Lion Gate there was a small gate leading to the mosque. In front of the gate the soldiers with the tommy gun were standing and speaking. But when we wanted to pass the gate they stopped us and said: „Close. Tomorrow.“

I must say that we heard this sentence several times. Since we tried to get into the mosque more times. Unsuccessfully.

On the way back through the Old city I shot this picture of the pink cauliflower. If I have had more time I would have tasted it.

And the last photo from the first day in Jerusalem it had to be in front of the Damascus Gate.

Fortunately, next day my boyfriend felt better so we could visit the Old city and surroundings altogether.

Because we still desired to shot the mosque we decided to go on the opposite site of the Mount Scopus. We were in the Mount of Olive. At the top you can see Palestine.

Btw. this area (I mean the Mount of Olive) is really muslim and we felt it a lot. All the time I looked only on my foot, not in eyes of people going around me. The boys heard „F*ck you“ out of the window of the local school. Hm.

In the Mount of Olive there is also the cristians church Eleona (probably French origin, I am not sure). In the walls of this church there is the prayer (Otče náš). First of all we didn’t find the Czech text. After we went through almost all rooms there we finally saw the Czech picture. It was close to the main door and the Latin text. Yeah, our country is between the most important languages.

After visiting Eleona church we headed in the south part of the Mount of Olive. From this place you can see the famous muslim mosque (Stolní dóm) very well.

Of course, we spent some times there and enjoyed wonderful sunny weather. In my opinion, it was the best time in Jerusalem.

And my last picture with the mosque in the background…

You can notice that I tried to wear more clothes than it is usual in my case 🙂

From the Mount of Olive we went back to the Old city of Jerusalem when we wanted to eat something more typical for this area. In the end we had a falafel with vedgetable (it costs 40 NIS/1 person). For me it was delicious but I like chickpeas and pita bread.

Close to the fortification of the Old city you can see the wall that divides Palestinian and Israeli part of Jerusalem. We met there two arabics boys. They told us something but we didn’t understand.

We had to cross the Old city again when we wanted to get back to our hostel. For this reason we decided to visit two other monuments there – one Jewish synagog and the God grave (Boží hrob).

Anyway, I was surprised that the Cristians kissed the grave. Omg, why? The Jewish beat their head against the Western wall. The Muslims liad down and the Crisians kissed the stone. Hm. Maybe I am happy to be the atheist.

However, I bent down once as you can see in the following picture. Just to try it and take the picture. Nothing more. :))

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