Genoa time again

On 2nd January my last host and good friend and his girlfriend came back from Neapol to Genoa. So that I could have visited them for the next days. I was happy to meet them again after two months because they are really perfect example of people who can enjoy their life.

First of all I must describe our lunch. I usually don’t eat the prawns too much but during last two days I had them for the second time. And I revealed it was really delicious. I only cannot look at them – their eyes, uaaah.

Because in Genoe there is a wonderful weather, I guess it is about 15°C, I decided to go for a walk.

I know the citi a bit so I didn’t lose myself and visit each of my favourite places. I started going along the port where I again met the black man who wanted to invite me for everything. He was very straight and asked me whether I like men from the Africa. What could I have said?

In the main square Piazza Caricamento I turned left and continued to Cattedrale di San Lorenzo thet you can see in the first following picture.

Going along the cattedrale I got in the famous square – Piazza di Ferrari. There are the lost of old building – such as Pallazo Duncale and also the fontane and Garibaldi monuments.

At the end of my trip I headed in the Spianata Castelletto from which there is an amazing view on Genoa as you can see at the followings photos.

In the afternoo we were looking for the friend’s girlfriend’s job. And I also knew how much stupid the Italian working law is. Now there are some changed and new hired people don’t get the contract as we know from the Czech republic. They can be fired every time 🙁 Sad in the 21st century. Where is the support of young and elderly people?

Anyway, during walking in the center and looking for some job in the shops we had a lunch. It was panini with tuna. Amazing and delicious taste. I was surprised of the tuna preparation. It wasn’t neither boiled nor cook nor smoked. Something as like as a smoked salmon. My friend described me that the fish is given into some special marinade… He will send me the recipe and I am going to try it after I will be back in my country

Now I am going to Munchen, my last stop in this trip. Ciao, Italia bellisima. I will miss you.

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