Traveling to Italy again

This year I’ve decided to celebrate the New Year’s Eve abroad. And because of the large amount of my friends in Italy the choice was easy. Right now I am going to Firenze from where I should continue to Genoa and stop in Munchen on my way back. But with me it is impossible to finish everyhere.

Actually now I am crossing the Italian borders (0:20 in 29th December). Respectively I hope that it was Italian custom cells. If I remember my last tripin Italy and how I got back from Liechtenstein and ended in Bern, hmm, in this case it could be Turkish border as well.

Anyway, I disgressed again. Let’s go back at the beginning of my Italian post-Christmas story. It was the morning of 28th December and I head in the bus station in Brno.

During traveling Brno-Prague I got the possibility to buy the air-ticket to Bali (where I am going in May with my Czech friends). As I decided I dit it and we have 5 amazing open air-ticker for the price that I am afraid of writig here. I guess you should be jeleaus :))

In Prague I took my favourite FlixBus and fortunately, the wifi connection was working. Because as I told my boyfriend: it will be my death to be without wifi… I wanted him to inscribe in my grave.

Och, I forgot to mention that in the morning I almost threw my passport card and the birth list in the lift shaft (I am very skillfull). And then I ate the nuts in the empty stomach… Shamed on me. My friends who know me very well suspect how bad I was feeling for the rest of my journey. Actually, maybe now (almost 1AM) I feel good and thanks my boyfriend I am not too bored. I should sleep but it is impossible in the bus.

But let go back to my journey from Prague to Munchen. I finally wrote one of my client’s article. But we also experienced the small story. Suddenly the bus stopped and two police officier got on and started checking our identification card. For me it was interesting that they missed me and other Czech people. But when they came across some „black“ foreigner (I don’t want to say the immigrants because I don’t know their nationality) the polices have even checked the food and big luggage. But we didn’t stay in any custom cell, in some fields. So I am wondering whether they were looking for something specific, or maybe someone specific. Hm. Anyway, we continued in the full amount. But I thought that Germans „like“ the immigrants. Or was the politician situation changed? Because of the teroristic attack in Berlin?

Thank the situation described above we were delayed in Munchen. But it didn’t mind since I had to wait for more than 3 hours there. In the restroom there were the large amount of „black“ people again. And hm, the wifi didn’t work :)) But as we can see I didn’t die. What a pity for you. I will still write this nonsense articles :)) Sorry, but it is too late and I cannot sleep thank my stupid clever idea.

Let me explain the last sentence. From Munchen to Firenze I should have continued another line of the flixbus buses (approaching to Rome). Och, it was green double decker bus. And I thought myself that it would be nice to have two seats for me close to toilet and try to fall asleep there.

Ok, I have two seats only for me, they are close to the toilet. But they are also close to the door. It wouldn’t be so bad when we have a few breaks on our way to Firenze. I almost fell asleep when the bus stopped, the lights switched on. And the worst thing, the door was open. Yes, I was subcooled. Thus I am awaked, looking at the dark behind the window and writing this nonsense. And I also know we will stop in Bolzen and Verona so it doesn’t make a sense to try to fall asleep. Omg. It will be the funny celebration of the New Year’s Eve.

Sorry, but it is too dark in the bus and I can take only the selfie.

And now it is almost 100 % likelihood that I won’t fall asleep. We stopped in Bolzano (1:32AM) and some Japaneses and I lost my two seats…

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    1. I don’t thinkso with your first opinion. I only wrote what I enjoyed… I don’t say anything whether I agree or disagree what happened. Actually I don’t care, I have my own trip…

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