I am still alive

Maybe it seems that since ever I have arrived back to my country I don’t live and travel but it is not true. On the contrary, I am so busy and go abroad from time to time so that I didn’t have enough time to write anything in my lovely blog.

Anyway I am home in my country about 18 days and started thinking about another trip. I have some invitations, thus I must decide what I want to see for the first moment. But let go back to my Czech life.

I was back 18th November in the early morning (1 AM). And thank my call with my mum I had to laugh immediately. Our conversation:

Mum: I had to tell your brother to go for you and accompany you from the Brno bus station.

Me: Why?

Mum: You cannot take the night bus alone.

Me: Mum, are you sure that I need the company in my home city after 8 months abroad?

Mum: Hm…

Anyway, at the same day, but in the evening, I had the welcome and birthday party. Omg, it was the crazy idea because I had only few hours to prepare everything and on Saturday (19th November) went to Gyor (Hungary).

I got lots of wonderful gifts, thank you, my Czech friends. I really love Italian food and flowers.


As I mentioned with one of my client I visited Györ spa in Hungary. I slept only 2 hours and a day ago I travelled from Bern to Brno, hm, I was „really“ fresh :)).


In my country I started looking for other clients and working opportunities and I must make a compliment to myself. I am successful as you can see in the next picture. It was from the meeting in Vyskov. You can guess what I will do there. 🙂


Another day I had the last opportunity to take the motorbike and enjoyed this amazing kind of travelling. Thank you, Miro. Although I underestimated the clothes I would like to repeat it again.


I also visited Aqualand Moravia in the southern part of my country and I think our group enjoyed very much – lots of the tobogans and we also visited Wellness spa – hoooot. I miss hot weather :). Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera so I don’t have any photo from this event.

And the last event is Christmas Wien. I was there on Saturday (3rd December), again with my good client. Although I have been to Wien for the six times I am always enjoing this time – see something new, meet something new.

p1060504 p1060506

Of course that we had to visit Schloss Schönbrunn – the awesome view from the top of the gardens around the palace.

p1060521 p1060512

And in the evening we were in Rathausplatz (the main square in front of the town hall). There is the typical Christmas market with punch and mulled wine. But for that time I didn’t drink anything. I need to recover from Italian time :)))


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