Fake Firenze :)

I was thinking how to call my time in Firenze. And „Fake Firenze“ is the winner. Are you wondering why? Let me explain it to you why my time there (from 29th to 1st January) is so faking. 🙂 No worries, I am just making the fun.

In Firenze there is the Casa di Dante (Dante’s house) but it is the fake building, Dante hasn’t lived there. In the city there is also the David’s sculpture in Piazzale Michelangelo and again it is not the original, only the fake. The original should be in the Gallerie (sorry, I don’t remember all name of this famous galeri in Firenze).

For this reason I and my host there started saying about the large amount things that thay are only fake. Btw. we were kidding my host is fake Italian 🙂 since he doesn’t drink the coffee and doesn’t like watching the football. What a unbelievable in Italy!

Anyway, let’s go back to my Firenze „real“ time. I arrived at 5:45, what a terrible time. Since I have already been there I was able to go to the host’s appartment and not to lose myself. Then I was sleeping for the short time and also working.

In the afternoon we were bicyckling. Yes, you are reading correctly. I was cycling at the end of December. Why not. Hm, I agree it is a bit cold and windy at that time. However, I love the Italian cycle style, i.e. break all rules (going on the red light, in the opposite way in the single way route). Actually, I am very nervous all the time but what I can do, just follow my host.

Well, we visited the famous places in the center of Firenze. Almost each of them I have known from my autumn’s Italian trip. But again I was overwhelmed by the impressive Duomo.

And we also were in Piazza della Signoria with the Town Hall as we can see in the following picture. It is originally from the medievel age in compare to th Duomo.

And I had to visit my favourite place close to Ponte Vecchio. For that time it was colder to lie down there but I had to do it for the photo. What a typical in my case!

On my mother’s birthday (30th December) we were cycling and going up to Piazzala Michalangelo where is the wonderful amazing view on the city. You can see it in the following pictures.

Actually, if I am thinking about the birthdays I have the feeling that this year I was in my country only on father’s birthday. I even spent my birthday abroad (my readers know I was in Liechtenstein at that time). But it is notthing suprisingly that I didn’t celebrate these days with my family when I spent only 139 days in the Czech republic. Cool. I am curious how many days I will be inmy country next year 2017.

Anyway, I again disgressed. Now year 2016 is still. And we are going to celebrate the New Year’s Eve. I really wanted to experience the celebration abroad and for this reason I am in Italy. A bit sad and homesickness.

Anyway, in Piazzala Michelangelo there are the gardens – Giardino dell’Iris and Giardino della Rose. Both of them are for free in compare to Giordino di Boboli (you can see the dark part of them in the 4th picture following).

And the last photos from this lovely view point. Again, it was a bit cold so we decided to cycle to home.


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