Budapešť and Prague in Christmas time

On Thursday (8th December) my friends offered me to visit another lovely city in its Christmas time – Budapešť. A few amount of people told me that Budapešť is prettier and more lovely city than Paris that I consider as like as a city for the lovers. Hm, I must say that Budapešť was really nice and lovely city. It seems that my friends are right.

First of all we visited the fencing shop because one of us needed to buy new costum. Then we started looking for the underground because of getting in the center of the city. Hm, I revelead that we were walking about 20 minutes although another station was about 200 meters from the car place. And I wasn’t one who was the guide. Btw. I had three male accompanies :)) with GPS in the mobile phone, so…

Because we stucked in the queue in the highway and bought the fencing equipment (costum) we started heading in the city very late. I.e. lots of my photos were taken at night. Unfortunately, they are not qualite. Never mind, we will visit Budapešť in the summer time again. Respectively I hope so.

We visited Citadella from where is wonderful view back to the center of the city. You can also see the building of Parliement – Országház.

Later we went down, looked at the cabin lane, crossed the bridge called Ersebét Híd. According the second shore we continued to Országház. You can see this bulding and blue tree in the following pictures.

Because of the frozen weather we had to go to the restaurant and ate the soup. At the end of our trip we wanted to visit the square in front of Szent István Bazilika. There is the Christmas market. It was different to Czech and Vienna markets. In my modest opinion it was better, but maybe just different style of the stants and food.

Hm, although I am on diet I was unable to resist Trdélník :))

Anyway, in December I had the second trip out of my city (Brno). I have a few clients in Prague so I decided to visit the capital city. I arrived in the evening 18th December. During Monday (19th) I had two meetings close to Anděl (Smíchov).

I must reveal I lost myself 🙂 but not in the underground. It was my failure. I thought that the street name is 5 and it was 28.

In the evening I had the presentation about the life style Location Independent by Martin Rosulek. Because I had to wait for a few hours I decided to look in the view point – Petřín.

In the following pictures you can see the scenery of Petřín’s garden.

And the last photos… On Tuesday before my leaving I was in the Old Square with my guide there. Typical Czech Christmas market with the large amount of the unhealthy food. What else…

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