Switzerland trip – Zurich, Bern – unplanned journey

As I wrote before I should go to my country on Wednesday (16th November) from Zurich, changed the bus in Munchen, came to Prague and took the studenAgency to Brno. But one means, the life changes. Some of you probably have noticed that I was in Bern on Wednesday. Well, instead of getting closer to my country I am getting further and further. It seems that I am heading in the west. No, it wasn’t my plan – visiting Zurich and Bern. It just happened. I would say that it was the story for the certain soap opera. Let me explain it to you from the begginig.

I woke up at 4:30 (after 4 hours sleeping) since my bus went from Zurich (7:45) and I was in Triesen (Liechtenstein) as you know. My host should have taken me to Zurich and continued to Geneva.

If I had known that he missed the flight twice I would have awoke him more carefully or could have suspected what it would happen. Sorry my friend, I had to write it. (I don’t mean anything bad, you were the funny accompany on my journey.)

Anyway, when we left Liechtenstein I was getting nervous whenever I looked at the watch. But my friend assured me that we made it. Hm, we broke the speed limit on the highway several times. Apart it, it was really rainy day. I usually don’t like not keeping the rules but for that time I didn’t care and only praisting to get to Zurich on time.

Unfortunately (or maybe now I must say fortunately) we came late, about 8:15. Of course, that the problem happened close to the city – the traffic jam. I suspected.

Then the discussion what I should have done started. After one hour we found out that there is only one solution – take the evening’s flix bus from Zurich. (Btw. right now I am passing Zurich again – really funny unbeliavable situation, if I didn’t experience I wouldn’t belieave that it is possible in my a bit boring life).

Ok, we bought another ticket (omg, 45 CHF) and my friend left me in Zurich at 9:30, 9 hours before the evening’s bus. I must notice – without money (I mean CHF), food (just to be precise, I had the can of beans and two toasts with jam), the map and the idea how I should spend one afternoon in the unknown city with my heavy rucksack.

First of all, I needed to go to the toilet. Yes, we are in the real word, not in the movie, I am just a human :). The idea going to the center and looking for some park was good 🙂 I came accross several free clean toiltet. Only one thing made me a bit nervous and sorry that I am writing with too many details (you must understand me: I am in the bus without the WIFI connection, a bit boring). In the toilets there were another hole with the icon of injection steel. Hm, I am wondering whether in Zurich there are lots of the drugs dealers (narkomen) who go to this kind of the toilets. Actually, I don’t want to know the answer.

dsc_0855 dsc_0858

Good for me that I managed my „toilet problem.“ Now the „food problem“ was only one that suffered me a bit. But I am probably lucky woman or someone up likes me (although I am not a beliaver) because I found 10 CHL on the street :)), enough for my stomach and happiness. Btw. the colour of cash there is something that I like it.

Hm, maybe I should write a few words about Zurich as well. Above I shared two photos. In the first one you can see the main street leading along the river Limmat that finished in Zurichsee. It was good for me that the historical part of the city is quite close to the railway station since I was carrying my heavy bag.

In the second picture you can see the typical tram in Zurich, wonderful old-charming. Btw. one of them almost ran over me (my mistake). And I should note that I HAVE the travel insurance till 17th November but only for ITALY :). Who could suspected that one of the historical tram in Zurich can run over me…

dsc_0860 dsc_0864

Let’s go back to my story. I haven’t written what I was doing in Bern, quite on the west from Zurich. After I was tired to walk along the monuments (such as Grossmunster in the picture above) and along the shore of Zurichsee (the second picture and the others below) – btw. there is a view back to the Alps (actually, this was a reason why I decided to walk there, what else in my case), I went back to the railway station.

dsc_0871 dsc_0872

In the railway station I was about 12:30 with bad thought that I had still 6 hours and the free WIFI there is only for one hour. I settle down on the ground in the waiting room close to the only one plug there, don’t care that the others were sitting on the chairs. Instead of working I started chatting on FB (shamed on me).

I have one Swiss friend who is originally from Zurich and I got the idea to contact here even if I know he travels often and a lot. What a surprice! He replied me. But there was a small problem he was in Bern at that time.

Ha, you, my kind reader, probably are becoming suspect why I was in Bern. And you are right. During approximately 10 minutes we got an idea that I can rebook my flix bus from Zurich to Bern (next morning) and take the train to Bern.

dsc_0877 dsc_0883

Ok, with my bad English I managed everything during a few minutes. Only in the travel agency they thought that I am probably crazy girl who doesn’t know what she wants since I bought the Zurich ticket a few hours ago and now she wanted to head in Bern. Btw. the train between Zurich and Bern costs 50 CHL and it goes only for 1 hours. Omg, the terrible country for unemployed foreigners :). In Italy I sometimes thought that I am in the rich country and but it is nothing to compare Switzerland, Liechtenstein. Just to imagine, the croissant costs about 1 euro in Italy, haha, but 3 and more CHF in Switzerland, I’d not rather want to know how much it is in Liechtenstein :). In the Czech republic I think that you can buy it about maximum 50 cents.

Omg, again I digress. But I am almost ending up. After one hour in the train (IC) I was in the railway station in Bern where I settled down in some food store and waiting for my friend.

Why did i write at the begging of this article that maybe I can say „fortunately we missed the bus“?

  • I met my friend who I haven’t seen for more than 2 years.
  • I visited Bern although I wasn’t in the center and shot anything. Never mind, I was there last year. I know the city a bit.
  • I slept in the bed and took the shower. According to the first (actually the second) plan I would be in the bus and came to Brno at 5:55AM.
  • I tasted my first guacamole (or how the correct name of it, the sauce made from avocado) with something as like as the nachos. Thank my friends, really delicious. But it seems that I will need very cruel and strict diet in my country after one month travelling.

And that’s all. If you ask me whether the story finishs with the happy end I will answer that I don’t know. It depends on the kind of the view. But after amazing 27 days in Europe I am approaching to Munchen now, I have been enjoying this time too much, I met the large amount of new people and made the friends. I hope to practise my English as well. And visiting Bern (and also Liechtenstein) I consider as like as the cherry on the cake.

It seems that my blog will also end. Haha, don’t worry. I still have the topics what to say. At least I would like to write the brief summarization – how much did fun cost me, whether I worked and how, my recommendations and tips. Just keep in the touch and see you soon.

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