Liechtenstein trip – lovely mountain

My first all day (13th November) in this beautiful small country called Liechteinstein (haha, all the time I have the problem to write this name, a bit worried to miss some of the letters). I really didn’t wait for the morning and enjoy the wild nature there.

In the morning I was running, taking a few photos around my accommodation (the camping area).

In the afternoon we set off small trip, just to show me around.

The first step was, of course, in Vaduz – the capital city of Liechtenstein. I was surprised how much small it is. But I like it. I don’t like the big cities with a lot of traffic, noise, people, tourists, cars etc. But to be honest, there is almost nothing. 🙂

Actualy, there is a castle in the top of the small hill. In the center of the city there is a ice-skating park, probably only now during the pre-Christmas time.

dsc_0603 dsc_0604

I also took the picture in front of the Redhause. Btw I found out that in Liechtenstein the average salary of the shop assistants should be about 3000 CHF (Schwiss frank) and the taxes of income is only 6 %. Omg, I want to live there 🙂 but on the other hand, everything here is quite expensive. I have bought small magnet on my fridge (as in each of the city so far) and it cost 7,20 euro. In Italy I paid about 2 euro. Btw the population is about 37 000 and there should be a lot of big companies. Therefore, the job market is really open. Only one bad thing for me – they require Germany…

And one cite from Wikipedia: The unemployment rat is one of the lowest in the world at 1.5%. Liechtenstein has previously been known as a billionaire tax haven.


After visiting Vaduz we continued to the mountains – hooray. I was looking forward to see them, not only from a distance as I could have done so far.

We stopped several time. Yes, because of me and my camera. The first two are from the village Triesenberg. Just imagine the typical Swiss architecture and the buildings settle in the slove of the steepy mountains.

dsc_0621 dsc_0623

In this part of our trip I met snow for the first time. Wow. But it wasn’t everything. I really didn’t suspect what I would see later.

There were more and more snow so again we stopped because I had to touch it :).

dsc_0632 dsc_0635

In another car park I was making the snowman. I know that I should become adult but… Today I can still say that I am only 26 (hm, tomorrow it will be changed).

dsc_0638 dsc_0649

Finish. We were in our the highest point – the winter ski-resort Malbun. A bit cold here and it was snowing a bit. I also saw the Czech car here – BMW and it didn’t seem that the owner should plan to go back in my country – take a look at the photo.

dsc_0651 dsc_0661

The road doesn’t continue, finishes in Malbun. Thus we returned back. But of course, we stopped from time to time. I would like to take everything but it is impossible. You know, the camere cann’t shot the reality. Actualy, maybe I shouldn’t blame my camera.The problem is probably my skillful :).

dsc_0667 dsc_0671

The last three photos are taken above the mentioned village Triesenberg. Then we turned right and went down to Triesen.

dsc_0674 dsc_0680


I was planning to take the evening’s photo of the surrounding. Unfortunately, today’s evening is not clear sky – respectively, there aren’t clouds, but I don’t know why the view is not too good as like as yesterday. Never mind, I am still in Liechtenstein. I will have another chance to shot it.

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