Liechtenstein trip – but also Switzerland trip

Time passed so quickly and it was Tuesday (15th November). One day after my birthday and it didn’t seem that I would be more adult. Actually after today (16th November) I think that everything crazy is possible with me. But let’s go back to Tuesday although I know that the large amount of you are really interested in what I am doing in Bern (at that time when I am writing I should have been in Brno, hm).

In the morning I was walking (if I remembered well it was about 8 km). First of all I only wanted to enjoy that the fog disappeared and I could have shot the mountains around my village again.

dsc_0768 dsc_0775

But suddenly I turned right and came accross Rhone and saw the bridge where the boundary between Liechtenstein and Switzerland is. So I desired to have a photo with the boundary.

dsc_0793 dsc_0783

Unfortunately when I finally reached the bridge my battery in camera was down. Omg, yesterday I took the photos of the cows a lot and today when I had a wonderful scenery, the castle in Bolzers, the other mountains I didn’t have the battery.

But I thought myself that tomorrow is also day. But I didn’t suspect that my trip would be changed. My host found out that he must go to Paris (i.e. to Genova and take the plane here). So I had to buy the ticket from Zurych to Prague for tomorrow’s morning (16th).

Anyway, we had still all afternoon. I thought that the last one abroad.

My host took me to Buchs – the village in Switzerland. There is an area called Werdenberg – town, castle and museum. The medievel town is one of the surivivng examples of its in Europe. It is listed in Switzerland’s heritage.

The exhibitions presented at the castle and the Schlangenhaus offer audio visual projections and vivid presentations portraying the history of Werdenberg.

dsc_0797 dsc_0851

Btw from the top of hill where the castle was built is a wonderful view on the mountaions and back to Buchs.

dsc_0836 dsc_0841

One of the building was built in 16th century, but now it is, of course, rebuilt. I took one of building that has the beautiful decoration in my eyes.

dsc_0831 dsc_0817

I cannot myself and I share the other photos of the view there. For me it is overwhelming, the contrast of the green typical Swiss grass and the rocky mountains covered by snow in the background.

dsc_0810 dsc_0803


After short stop in Buchs we continued to Feldkirch again. Yes, I visited Austria as well during one day. Why not :). We bought the fuel (cheaper than in Liechtenstein, actually, I think that everything everywhere must be cheaper than this country).

On the way back to Tiersen (Liechtenstein) my host showed me around the north part of Liechtenstein boudaries. Unfortunately, it was dark so I couldn’t take the photos. But there is very narrow street although it is the important connection between the countries.

In the evening I was struggling with the company FlixBus. We tried at least 7 different payment card, uncountable pc, laptops, mobile applicatiom and I was still unable to buy my ticket to Prague. In the end I can thank one of my Czech friend who has paypal account. I had my bus ticket at 7:45 from Zurych and could have gone to bed about the midnight with thinking how I will sleep next night at home. Haha. The one means, the life changes.

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