Liechtenstein trip – birthday and the cows

Monday (14th November) was bad and good day altogether. Are you asking why? Because it is my birthday. Yes, I was enjoying too much – celebrating in two different countries – Liechtenstein and Austria. And why bad day? Because I am one year older, omg, I should behave as like as an adult. Hm, I will do my best at next year.

My day started very early because my host awoke me up at 00:06 and prepared the surprised for me. Thank you very much.


Then I fell asleep again since I wanted to run again. And if I do something I will do it. Today it was 7 km during the cows. Thus it was obvious where I would go for a walk. And I did it.

My short walk (5 km) was full of the cows. I was looking for milka. But ok, I am in Liechtenstein, not in Austria. For this reason I took only grey, brown and white cows, not purple ones.

dsc_0691 dsc_0699

And there were also donkeys or what they are :).

dsc_0736 dsc_0708

I took my photo with the donkeys and then with a lot of cows.

dsc_0712 dsc_0715

And the selfie of cows 🙂 But my favourite photo is the second one.

dsc_0717 dsc_0727

On the way back I had to shot the expensive car. It is very common there – BMW, Audi, and this one I don’t know.

dsc_0725 dsc_0719

Except the expensive cars I could have seen the plenty of the expensive houses as well. But in front of one of them there was a garden with the cows. Haha, maybe Liechtenstein people feed the cows instead of the dogs. But if I should choose the hous for living (although I prefer the flat) I would probably choose the one in the second picture. All the time when I was passing it I had to look at the house – the combination of the wood and big French windows is just simple and awesome.

dsc_0721 dsc_0731

In the afternoon I and my friend headed to the mountains again. I wanted to keep the promise and took the crazy photo. And what’s more, so far I haven’t worn my bikini.Now it was their time. Unfortunately, today it was foggy a bit. Thus I missed the wonderful view behind me. You must only imagine it, however, yesterday I shated the photos from that place (it is the place close  to Trisenberg).

dsc_0751 dsc_0752

After bikini photo-session (btw it wasn’t too cold as I expected firstly) we continued to Austria. Again, no one checked my passport card. I am really incognito everywhere. Nobody is interested in the small crazy Czech girl. I am wondering where the police would be look for me if I disappear.

And the last stop today was in Feldkirch – it is the city located close the boundary between Austria and Liechtenstein. Nothing special here. We bought some food in the supermarket. Of course that everything there is quite cheaper in compare to Liechtenstein. I took the photo of the old square and the small castle here.

dsc_0758 dsc_0760

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