Italy trip – Trieste time II

The last day in Trieste (9th November) I was walking a lot because I wanted to see lots of things that this city offers – there is the biggest square opened to the sea in Europe, the most biggest cave on the world (unfortunately, I didn’t see it), the second biggest lighthouse in Europe.

In the morning I went up Cattedrale di San Giusto Martire – the biggest dominant attraction in the city. From this place I took a few photos of Trieste and the sea.

dsc_0328 dsc_0337

In front of the Cattedrale (if you want to go inside you will have to pay the admission entrance) there are a few corints (actually, it is my idea about the architecture style :)) columns. Then I headed down to the center of city. I shoted Canal Grande – I think that something similar I will see in Venezia.

dsc_0339 dsc_0341

At the end of Canal Grande there is Piazza Sant‘ Antonio Nuovo with two temples – Chiesa di Sant‘ Antonio Taumaturgo and Tempio Serbo Ortodosso di San Spiridione. The second one is in the following picture. It was difficult to take it because there is not space, the temple is built between „common“ buildings. But I like the decoration of this temple.


In the afternoon I and my friend there headed in Muggia. Small town (maybe village) close to Trieste and close to Slovenia boundary (I guess approximately 12 km).

dsc_0348 dsc_0359

From Muggia you can see all Trieste and in the summer time there is a small beach for enjoying your vacation. But in my opinion I don’t think that it is a wonderful seasort resort. But when you plan a long trip and cross more countries   (Slovenia, Austria, Italy) then this village and Trieste have a good location for spending a few days there.

However, I must say that the architecture of buildings in Muggia was interesting and totally different from what I could have seen in Italy so far. Maybe it is Slovenioan influence, I don’t know – never been to Slovenia.


In the morning I met one man who sold the newspaper and so on and he recommended me to visit the main square in the evening. For this reason, after we were back from Muggia (it took about one hour to get back by bus) we went to the center of the city again.

I was surprise how well the photos look like so I can share the night photos of Trieste.

The name of the church I don’t know but the architecture style is similar to Kostel u Jakubu in Brno. In the second picture you can see Canal Grande at night.

dsc_0385 dsc_0388

And the last four photos is taken from the port and display the mentioned square – Piazza Unitá d’Italia.

dsc_0407 dsc_0398

And another view from the port.

dsc_0402 dsc_0404

The last photo proves that eating ice-cream is allowed everytime regardless the outside temperature :). It was about 8°C, nothing bad (anyway, I heard that in Brno it was snowing in 10th November).

Moreover, eating the ice-cream in the winter time has one advantage – you can be worried about melting. 🙂


See you soon. Next stop is Venezia (Benátky in Czech).

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