Italy trip – Trieste time I

On Monday (7th November) I took the Flix bus and headed in Trieste – my the most east city on my long trip. I have one friend there who promised to show me around. The journey took 5 hours – omg, and I couldn’t fall asleep (I woke up at 5AM with thinking about the sleeping in the bus. What a naive idea.)

Anyway, after I met my friend we set off small trip in the surroundings of the port. In Trieste there is the biggest European square opened to the sea. You can see the square at the second photo.

Btw. the weather was awesome at that season – very warm. And it said it would be rainy all the time.

dsc_0238 dsc_0245

Then we were walking around the typical Italian promenade. Since the sunset is very early now (about 17:30) I saw another kind of sunset in Italy.

dsc_0255 dsc_0267

For the first time we used the service airbnb for our accommodation. The small flat located close to the center is wonderful, lots of decoration. I cannot share the photos of this flat so I chose only the quote on the wall. I must agree. And you?


On Tuesday (8th November) we decided to visit Trieste-Miramare. We took the bus and went to the edge of Trieste where we finished yesterday. From this bus stop you can go to the Castello di Miramare. Thank good location you can see all Trieste at the background.

dsc_0275 dsc_0282

We spent some times in the garden around the castello. For this reason I shot the large amount of the photos there.

dsc_0304 dsc_0305

I think that it is the nice place. Moreover, there weren’t almost no tourists, so I could enjoyed the quiet. What a difference to Milano.


Then we got back to the city, visited the amphitheatre here. I was running in the evening, only with GPS in my mobile. And because I wanted to the sea at night I ran in the direction where I expected the sea. Hm, of course, I lost myself. My running was a bit longer than I wanted but never minds, I made to get back 🙂

And what’s more, I bought some of food for dinner, thus I was running with the plastic bag in my hands – let say: another kind of training, why not…

In the last picture I share my „Italian dinner“ – I hope not to offend any Italian 🙂 But I just like the combination of pasta, corn, spinach, riccotta, tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms. Thus I put everything altogether regardless I can or cannot int some unwritten Italian rules regarding to food 🙂 It is just my cucina italiana.

dsc_0324 dsc_0326

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