Italy trip – the summary

I am back in my country with small trip in Hungary (I visited spa Gyor on Saturday 19th November). And after few days here I miss almost everything. Anyway, it is time to write the brief summary and maybe share the pieces of advice for my kind readers and followers on my long journey.

A few statistics:

  • 27 days (from 22th October to 17th November),
  • 12 cities: Rome, Pisa, Firenz, Genova, Milano, Bologna, San Marino, Trieste, Venezia, Tiersen, Zurich, Bern,
  • money: 4003 CZE plus 156,85 EUR, it is approximatelly 310 EUR (8250 CZE) but I have two bus vouchers for 37 EUR,
  • 7 countries: Italy, Vatican city, San Marino, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany.
  • 10 hosts on my trip and I really thanks them and look forward to see them in my home town soon.

Btw I could save more money if I didn’t struggle with the Flix bus application the last days. And I also should take the bus from my country to Rome and not expensive flight.

My recommendation:

  • take the Flix buses if you can – no flights, it is comfortable (toilet, wifi connection), pay for the ticket in CZE (the recommendation for the Czech friends),
  • use the couchsurfing – safety, but write down the mobile phones in advance,
  • download the offline maps,
  • taste every food that you can – especially focaccia al formaggio, Napolitan pizza, piadine,
  • ask everyone for everything – people there were open-minded and I could have leatnt too much about everything – politics and economics situation, the problem with immigrants, language, etc.
  • don’t plan – the spontaneous decisions are the best, you never know where you finish :),
  • don’t bring too many things – I had 11 kg weight rucksack  with the large amount of useless things, the half of clothes it would be enough as well,
  • have the euro account in your bank (I can recommend AirBank), then you dont have to manage any problem with the currency (of course, except in these countries as like as Switzerland,Liechtenstein).

Anyway, I really recommned to travel there. I prefer the mountains instead of city sightseeing but fortunately, Italian cities can offer lots of entertainment so I wasn’t disappointed. If you are interested in something that I forget to write, don’t hesitate to ask me. Till the end of this month I will publish one article in, but only in Czech. A bit lazy to translate into English, let alone Italian.

What next?

Next year (2017) I am planning to visit Holland, France, Switzerland, Bali and the south of Italy. And I hope to write about it and therefore inspirate everyone who is scared about lonely traveling. It is not bad, really not, you overcome yourself and it also possible works at the same time (only set up the strict rules and not sleep for long time). See you soon in another trip.





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