Italy trip – the south of Milano II

On Wednesday (2nd November) I changed my place in Milano to the south part of this big city. The name of village is Binasco. My friend there has two cute children, especially the younger one. I spent in the south of Milan two days.

On Wednesday I didn’t do anything special – only playing with one cute ragazza. Wonderful, she can know the letters and digits in her 3 years. And I could have practised my poor Italian – uno, due, tre, quattro. Omg, I can say it but cannot write. Sorry.

And in the evening I had to shot the friend’s cooking. In the picture you can see the soup. We had it with pasta called risoti or something as like this. It looked like rice but the taste was better, just pasta. I like it.

dsc_0077 dsc_0078

On Thursday (3th November) I was going to Pavia. Again, it was a bit challange for me – without map, without knowledge of this small town.

Actually, I still don’t know whether I saw everything that this city offers the tourists. Btw it is not the touristic city. But it was close to Binosco and back to Milano I didn’t want to go.

dsc_0080 dsc_0084

The weather wasn’t good, foggy, fortunately, not raining, only a bit cold. Ok, I am in the north. What else can I expect?

I am too lazy to search the names of the monuments on the Internet. Thus, you must be satisfied only with my photos from Pavia. In the city there are the castello, the plenty of the churches (what else in religious country) and small river with the bridge close to Ticino park.

dsc_0095 dsc_0099

And the last photo from Pavia – some old towers. Btw close the towers there is the university. So I had an idea to visit it and went to the toilet there :)). But I didn’t find the toilet there. To be honest, very strange place – the large amount of aulas but you entried to them immediately from the atrium. Very unusual for me. But it was maybe because the building was very old, not new one.


After the lunch in Binasco I decided to go out again and discovered this really small village. There is only one touristic attraction – the church (castle???) in the main square.

dsc_0101 dsc_0104

For this reason I decided to go outside of the village and took the photos with the colour of autumn in Italy. Of course, I lost myself since I didn’t have the mobile with my GPS locator. Never mind, I met one man who spoke English. What a miracle in Italy :))

dsc_0113 dsc_0108

And the last photo is shoten in the playground. Who is playing, cannot be naughty.


On Friday (5th November) I went to Milano for the second time because at noon I had to take the Flix bus going to Bologna. Btw I am writing this article from this bus.


And my notices from the last days:

  • I am able to go everywhere without map and knowledge of the language. Good for me 🙂
  • If I give money to every begger and immigrant in Milano I would be without the money very early. I really appreciate my hometown – almost no beggers who bother you.
  • Italians really have a sweet breakfast – but only one croissant or the bar of chocolate. I don’t understand.
  • If you buy bad transport ticket in the subway, don’t give up, don’t buy new one, just go to this assistant. He helps you to go through the turniket 🙂
  • Ask everybody only for name of your goal destination, don’t say „Can you speak English?“ or something similar – they will be scared and go away
  • You can catch Free wifi only with Italian phone number (because of the registration) – bad for me.
  • Milano made me disappointed. In my opinion, not too nice city as previous ones. And it is very expensive city – maybe more than Rome.

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