Italy trip – say Goodbye

First of all I should go to Verona and then continue to Munchen and end up in Prague. However, during the look for some accommodation in Munchen I got an offer to visit Liechtenstein. It was a bit risk, lots of rebooking of Flix buses but then I thought myself why not? Actualy, this year I have visited Vatican, San Marino, thus I must visit another smallest country in Europe. Therefore, on Saturday’s morning (12th Novemver) I took the Flix bus headed to Chur in Switzerland.

Firts of all I didn’t plan to write about my only „traveling day“. Partly because I didn’t expect to take some photos and partly because I thought it is too boring to write about it. But I think it would be a sin not to give you my recommendation.

I really recommend to take the bus/train/car and go from Milano, pass Lugano and continue to the north of Switzerland (towards to Chur). I have never seen something so amazing before. But ok, I really love seeing the mountains :). Btw. it was my first meeting with snow this year.

Let’s go back. The second reason why I decided to write this article about all day journey from Venezia to Chur is that I would like to say a few words about Flix buses.

As you know I used them almost all time when I was in Italy. Their advantages:

  • book online on their website,
  • rebook every time – get the voucher or refund money,
  • toilet on the board – the most important thing for me,
  • wifi connection on the board,
  • lots of lines going to everywhere (not only Italy),
  • you can pay in euro or czech crowns (better, cheaper).

But ok, just to be honest, now I am struggling with my online account on the website. I cannot pay for any of lines. This was the big problem in Trieste where I have already thought that I will go to Verona and Munchen. In the end I bought the ticket offline in the travel agency. After their support gave me some stupid advice, i.G. delete cache, cookies, change browser and payment card. As like former QA I really know these kinds of problems.

In the travel agency it was a big problem again. Since their English was terrible (more than mine) and I didn’t know that Monacco is Munchen in Italian so first of all I was worried where I would be going to. Actualy, I would like to visit Monaco, why not. But some of days, next time.

In the end I succeed although I paid in euros (i.e. more than I would want to do it) and extra money for the travel agency – tsss, their service isn’t worth paying more.

Ok, stop writing about Flix buses and let’s go back my journey from Venezia. I wanted to work in the bus as I am always doing – just use time. Unfortunately, in that bus the wifi didn’t work.

In Milano I had two hours break, which I used for working and looking for some food.

dsc_0516 dsc_0515

Then I had an idea to bring my camera up to the bus. I thought myself that maybe I would have some amazing view out of the window of the bus. And really, later it seemed as like as a good idea.

Firstly I took the first part of Alps close to Milano. Because I thought how much amazing it is. Haha, I really didn’t know what I would see next. For this reason, I recommend you to go there. Two following photos are from Italy part still.

dsc_0518 dsc_0519

After we crossed the boundaries between Italy and Switzerland I had to end my working. It was impossible to write any article when you can see something so overwhelming out of the window. Although I had the wifi connection in the second bus I didn’t do almost nothing.

Btw I was surprised that no one checked my passport card (both of countries – Switzerland, Liechtenstein). What a paradox. Last year every time when I crossed the boundary between the Czech republic and Austria I had to show my passport card. And both of countries are the part of the European union in the opposite of Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

dsc_0532 dsc_0536

The following photo is from Lugano – the first city in Switzerland. Wonderful sceneries – lake, mountain and I could have seen how people were feeding the swan.

dsc_0527 dsc_0542

And then it started. Are you asking what? My enjoyment and excitement. I was sitting in the last 5 seats in the bus – good choice for me because I really didn’t know where I should be – the left or the right window? Which of the sceneries I should have taken the first?

I guess that people sitting behind me had to hate me. Because my camere made a noise if I shot the photo and I was jumping from one side to another one all the time. But I couldn’t help myself. I quite didn’t understand how someone can sleep  on this journey. And I saw the plenty of people in the bus who were sleeping.

dsc_0550 dsc_0558

dsc_0565 dsc_0568

After almost 10 hours on the journey I was in Chur where my friend picked me up and we both continued to Triesen – small village in the valley. From the car I saw Vaduz – it lies on the slove of the mountains. Wonderful. I can imagine to live there.

Then we had very taste dinner, some Pakistan specialist. But I am unable to write the name of food. I will ask for it :).


In the morning I woke up early because I wanted to run. It was quiet and I met only cows. I must say that they look like different than ours. I will take them later.

At the end of this article I must share the photos from the place where I am living now. In two first pictures you can see the mountains that I see from the window of my room. Unbelievable. With this kind of the view it is the joy to wake up early.

dsc_0580 dsc_0581

And at the other photos you can see the hills and stream behind my accommodation. A wild nature.

Anyway, I saw the fox. And I was worried whether there are also wolfs and bears :). But my friend assured me that I don’t have to be scared.

dsc_0584 dsc_0601

With the last photo I would like to say Goodbye Italy. It was amazing time but it is time to enjoy the snow a bit. But never say never. I have lots of invitations so I would like to meet my new friends again. Thank you, Lele, Florencio, Salvatori, Gennaro, Gian, Devis and Antonio. See you soon.


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