Italy trip – romantic Venezia

Almost after 20th days in Italy I finally got to the city that attracts me and I didn’t know what I should expect – lots of tourists, bad smell? But let’s go back. On Thursday (10th November) I took again my „not-favourite now“ Flix bus (why? it is a long story, maybe in some of next article) and went to Venezia (Venice, Benátky).

Anyway, I live in Mestre but as I understood it is not another city, it is a part of Venezia.However, when I wanted to visit the center of Venezia (understand: the island) I had to take a bus. The return ticket cost 3 euros and the bus goes from Mestre (train station). It takes about 15 minut and you can take the train as well but it is more expensive.

Although I arrived in Mestre about 1PM I wanted to go to the center at the same name. I found one guide who loves traveling as like as me and he was willing to show me the dominant attractions in Venezia. Thank you, otherwise I am pretty sure that I would have lost myself. In my opinion, Venezia is something as like as a maze.

dsc_0426 dsc_0435

There are the main Canal Grande and cross it is not easy since there are not many big bridge – the most important is Ponte Di Rialto.

Unfortunately, the sunset is about 17 now so I couldn’t have taken the plenty of the photos.

dsc_0438 dsc_0455

In the evening I was going to the restaurant with my host. Delicious chicken and taste cake. And then I was taught how to shoot from the gun. I must say that it is not easy. I think I have lots of muscles on my arms but the gun is too heavy and it was without the munition.

However, I can imagine how I would be willing to hold the gun with the munition. Big respect. But I am probably a good student 🙂 because in the end I was able to shoot and the coin lying on the barrel didn’t fall down (because of the rebind).

And the last thing – all my life I wanted to have the attic bedroom. For two nights I can enjoy it.

dsc_0460 dsc_0462

I stayed in Venezia on Friday as well. Therefore I could go to the center of the city again and took more photos than on Thursday. However, in the morning I was running (but only in Mestre).

Then I took the bus (the same line as yesterday, without the guide). For that time I really wanted to find some gondole and have the photo of it. It says it is a symbol of Venezia.

Btw I don’t know how I do it but I got to the demonstration (the second picture). I didn’t understand the speech but it was something about the racism (immigrants??? in my opinion, the big Italian problem now). But I really don’t know and don’t want to guess.

dsc_0464 dsc_0466

I am wondering how often in Venezia they have to rebuild the houses because I very often saw the water in the street (the second picture). For me as like as a tourist it looks like romantic but I wouldn’t like to live there.

dsc_0473 dsc_0478

My goal was to get to Piazza San Marco. But I didn’t know that it is the name of the famous square where I was yesterday’s evening (yes, my mistake and shamed on me that I don’t learn anything in advance and rely on some of my hosts and guides). For this reason I was losing myself at least 2 hours 🙂 and I finished in the main train station twice before I had an idea to find some good map. In the end I saw the map of Hop off and hop on city seesightseeing bus (in Venezia it is probably the water taxi bus). And then I realized I was almost in the square but turned back earlier. Never mind, again, I have a time to walk around again and again :). In total it was about 15 km.

dsc_0489 dsc_0492

In the picture above you can see the road connected Mestre and the center of Venezia.

I have done it :). I mean getting to the main square – San Marco. I am standing in front of Basilica di San Marco. There is a possibility to go up but I didn’t want to wait in the long queue. The name of the tower is Campanile di San Marco. Again, you can go up but I didn’t do it.

dsc_0495 dsc_0499

And my favourite photos at the end of this article. I took it on my way back to the bus station. Fortunately I made it, without map and before rain started.

dsc_0501 dsc_0507

Some of notes about Venezia:

  • the large amount of tourists also during the winter time,
  • you don’t need any map, just look at the map on Google in advance and on the walls there are the boards with the names of the places from time to time – just go to San Marco and back to Piazzale Rome,
  • or you can use GPS as like as me,
  • don’t take the water taxi – you will see more if you walk,
  • if you want to buy some souvenir or food I would recommend to buy far away to Piazza San Marco – up twice expensive for the same thing,
  • Venezia didn’t smell bad 🙂 but it is the winter time,
  • there are the plenty of the shop selling the mask – I am wondering whether it is something common for this area,
  • in the island there are the universities (what a surprise for me) – good place for going to the toilet :))). Otherwise, there are any paid public toilets.

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