Italy trip – Milano and Como lake

On Monday (31th October) I took the FlixBus again and continued on my Italian trip. The next stop was Milano, the northest country that I would visit in Italy. Actually, maybe it is not true because not I am changing my plan again, so we will see where exactly I will end my trip.

Immediately after I met my friend here, put my rucksack in his flat we were walking to the center of Milano. At the same time my Italian friend is hosting Anke who is from Holland and set up her eastern trip – very randomly trip. Good luck, Anke. Anyway, in the evening two other girls came to the flat (from Russian and Ukraine). It was the international night, funny time.

Anyway, let’s go back to the center of Milano. It is a big city and there are lots of traffic, absolutely different from what I could have seen so far. Although cold weather we enjoyed the walk around some gate (I don’t remember the name of it) and then passed Castello Sforzesco.

Again, there were too many black people who tried to sell some things. Thus I and Anke got the bracelet (for free, we are seem to be pretty for the seller, hmmm).

dsc_1091 dsc_1098

After crossing Via Dante street we were in the Piazza del Duomo. In this square there is probably the most attractive monument for the tourists – Duomo. You can see this cathedrale in the following pictures. Many tourists – difficult to shot it.

dsc_1109 dsc_1117

We also visited one of many churches here, again I don’t remember the name. But inside there was the very interesting surprised for me and Anke – the skeleton decoration. What an unusual experience! The combination of the crosses and skeletons… Haha, why not.

In the second picture you can see two kinds of Milano trams – nowadays and historical. The historical trams immitate the trams in San Francisco.

dsc_1114 dsc_1115

In Milan there are the channels – now it is the attraction for tourists – lots of pubs and restaurants around there or in the shape of the boats. I took the last photos there and then we returned back to home.

Anke and my friend took the tram and I was walking alone. I don’t know whether it was a good idea, maybe my silly idea as every time in Italy. Why? Because I didn’t have a map, I was in Milano for the first afternoon, my mobile battery was almost down. Althought all these problems I found the right way and got back to the friend’s appartment. What an unbelievable.

dsc_1121 dsc_1126

On Tuesday (1st November) there is a public holiday in Italy. For this reason, our friend didn’t have to work and we all could have gone to the small trip – in the surroundings of Como lake.

We took a train from Milano to Varenna. It is small village at the shore of this big famous lake. Actually, there are two lakes – Como and Lecco. The shape of lake is Y. The official name is not Como lake. But everyone knows this lake as Lago di Como.

dsc_0058 dsc_0055

I must admint my enjoying there. It was much more better than the center of Milan. No people, quiet, the warm weather (althought it doesn’t seem at the photos).

First of all, we were walking to the south part of the lake, visited the view point called Baluardo. From this point we saw all village Varenna as you can see in the second following photo.

dsc_0021 dsc_0029

And again, the view back to Varenna.

dsc_0050 dsc_0045

dsc_0043 dsc_0035

After enjoying the time in Baluardo we turned back and went to another village here – the name is Bellano. From this village we took the train going back Milano.

I measured our walk and it was about 12 km, nothing long, but the wonderful place. I would spend more time here.

However, it was time to cook our dinner. We decided to taste the cous-cous with the fresh vegetable. Thank the main cook Anke. She is really good cook. With out friend and his another friend we have good time with speaking about lots of international topics. Btw they asked me for the typical Czech cake. It is difficult to answer briefly. I think that it is typical quark cake (tvarohové buchty, or Honzovy buchty in Czech). But I really don’t know how I should describe them if no one knows the quark (tvaroh in Czech).


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