Italy trip – Bologna and San Marino

The firs weekend in November (5th and 6h) I spent in Bologna instead of SportLife Expo Fair Trade as I used to do. Never mind, this city is worth seeing. Respectively the center of city and the taste of piadine. Bot don’t digress. Step by step.

On Friday’s evening I came Bologna and was looking for my host. Shamed on me. I didn’t write down his phone number, mobile battery was almost done, wifi connection only on the bus stop and I should have found the grey car in the railway station.

Finally everything went well and I could have had a rest in the room that I would mark as a room for the princesses, not for me 🙂 For this reason, I cannot shot the photo what the room looks like now 🙂


Anyway, in the Saturday’s morning we were running in one park there (I don’t remember the name of the park). And then we visited the center of the city. I must say that Bologna is better than Milano. The character of city is influenced by the medieval age.

I don’t remember each of places that we visited but I chose some of them. In the first picture you can see San Petronio Basilica, in the second one there is Piazza Maggiore. They are two the best-known places in Bologna.

dsc_0130 dsc_0135

And another typical medieval bulding.


Then we headed in Basilica di San Domenico. Althought I don’t like the churches and especially their visiting I must admit that this one was nice – very simple, not gold, not icons. And huge. But I didn’t take the photos inside.

dsc_0144 dsc_0152

The last thing that I’d like to say about Bolognese architecture is that there are 7 towers of Bologna. One of them is close to my appartment.


Because my host prepared for me typical Bolognese ragu with gnocci I decided to bake the typical Czech crepes (pancakes). I added the ice-cream and banana. I forgot to buy the cream (panna).


On Sunday (6th November) I had one wish and my kind host made it. We set off the small trip to San Marino. Hooray. Althought the weather was not so good (rainy sometimes, windy) I enjoyed a lot.

dsc_0171 dsc_0181

San Marino is located in the hill – Monte Titano. Hm, I didn’t know it. Shamed on me. I think that I really need to travel. It helps me to learn Geography 🙂 From the main piazza there was the awesome view – I could have seen the sea.

dsc_0184 dsc_0190

As I mentioned above the weather was very changable – sunny, rainy (fortunately  not snowy). And thus we saw the double rainbow. Wonderful. I think people can be happy from the small things (not only hurry up to the wealth, money, power). Just stay, look, enjoy. What a simple.


Anyway, in San Marino there are the church, sculpture of Garibaldi, lots of shops (with parfumery – I don’t understand who buys the parfume in San Marino) and two castles. I shot both of them.

dsc_0202  dsc_0217

And me and the second castle. At the second photo there is San Marino from the distance.

dsc_0220 dsc_0231

Btw. all the time when I was in San Marion I was looking for the formula 1 race 🙂 I am not fancy in this sport, only remember that it should been hold in San Marino. In the evening I ask my younger brother and he is so clever that revelead me that this race is taken in Imola (close to Bologna), only called as a race in San Marino. Tss, why do the journalist, sportmen make me and others confused? It is not nice…

Well, let’s go back to my visiting Bologna. On the way back to Bologna we stopped close to Ravenna (there are the wonderful and colourful landscape, it is close to the sea) for eating something delicious that I really must make a compliment. The name of the food is piadine. It is difficult to describe it because in my country we don’t have it. So far it is the most best Italian food that I have ever tried. I reccomend it to you. But this is the specialist of this area – typical for Ravenna (something as like focaccia for Genova).


Bye bye, I should package myself since I will wake up very early and take the bus going to Trieste.

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