Rhodes – The third part about Turkey

Since ever I found out that Turkey is only one hour by ferry from Rhodes and that it is an asian part of Turkey I decided to visit it. The day D happened on Thursday (13th October) because the company SeaDreams that I used operated only on Thursday and Sunday.


The bus of company picked up the people standing in front of their hotels and then we were going to the port in Rodos city. And my trip started. In the boat I met people of lots of nationalities – Greek, from Palestine and from Dubai. For the first moment I had a feeling that I am back in the multicultural Malta.

The weather was ok, partly cloudy, but not cold. In the following picture you can see the first peninsulas of Turkey (Asian continent). The ferry was going about one hour to Marmaris, big sea-sort resort, our goal destination.


The city is best know for its bazaar. You can buy lots of clothes, watch and another craps things here. The big advantage is that you can negotiate with Turkish and that they are very talkative and can speak English, at least as like me. So I could practise my spoken form of English. I was asking for the economists situation. For me it was an interesting thing that they work for 6 months (the tourist season) and then they close their shops. Something similar is in Rhodes as well.

dsc_0315 dsc_0323

Btw. you can see the turkish flags everywhere, not only in Bazaar. And sometimes on the walls, shops they are the picture of man as you can see in the following picture. His name is Mustafa Kemal and he is considerated as a foundator of the Turkish state.


For lunch I had a typical Turkish plate with kebab – it was lamb and chicken grilled meat with Turkish bread, rice and chips. To be honest I would be unable to eat by myself. The portion is four people and I ate only vegetable and meat a bit. Then I had an opportunity to taste the best-known cake called baklava. I was really surprised that it is made from the cheese (something as like our camembert).

dsc_0328 dsc_0333

After food I need to walk a bit, I was so full of food. I wanted to see the Marmarise small castle but I lost myself. What a surprise in my case 🙂 Instead of the castle I ended up in some private garden in the top of hill and I could shot some photos of cities. At the end I saw the castle from outside. I didn’t have a Turkish Lira and the exchange rate here is not good. But you can pay in euros, it is not problem, only sometimes the shop assistants don’t want to give you the coins in return.


The last hour before departure I was on the shore. I tasted the ice-cream for the first time that I am in Rhodes, not so good as in Malta or Italy, but cheaper ( scoop is per 1 euro). And the shop man let me try to be shop assistant with typical Turkish cap as you can see in the second picture.

dsc_0359 dsc_0374


dsc_0416 dsc_0422


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