Rhodes – The sixth part about my leisure time

Although it is not seen at the first view I sometimes work and have a rest. For this reason, this weekend (15th and 16th) I spent both of them only in Rhodes city and didn’t discover this island. Moreover, my Greek friend had to work on Sunday (again long shift, I would never expected that in army they must have the night long shifts).

Anyway, because on Friday’s evening we were enjoying the night life in Rhodes Old city we both were at home on Saturday. Just to be precise, once we were going for the fist (taste trout, I like fishes). Firstly I wanted to work a bit as the other days but at the end we were talking a lot. So I improved my English, maybe more than in Malta.

Btw. the night life here is similar to Malta where it is located in one area Paceville. In Rhodes it is a same – the main area is inside of the Old city. You can drink outside, there are lots of pubs with live music or latino music. Unfortunately, the large amount of people here are also smoker, the second similarity to Malta.

On Sunday I was alone, in the morning firstly I was working more than before. Than I decided to enjoy the sun (probably my last sunny day in this year). Again I was going up to the Acropolis of Rhodes but in the another way – so I had a different view. For that time I saw my capital city.

dsc_0511 dsc_0507

And the photos from the Acropolis of Rhodes.

dsc_0520 dsc_0516

After I was back in the centre of the city I was walking randomly, just to want to get back. And in one of the streets I came across the consult of the Czech republic.


In the afternoon I was running and then I worked. In the evening I decided to take the photo of sunset (again, I have already done it but in the different place).

dsc_0525 dsc_0536

I think that east or west, home is the best is really truly claim. However, I will miss some of the things in my country – the one is the awesome sunset with the sea and mountains in the background.

dsc_0556 dsc_0528

And at night I was baking the pancakes for my Greek friend as the thank for taste trout yesterday (on Saturday).

Btw. it is rather challenge for me to bake the pancakes in the kitchen without weight (how can I measure the litre of the milk and 250 g of the flour?), without the wooden spoon (I used the spoon for soup) and without the pancake turner (in Czech: obracečka) – I used two forks. And it wasn’t all – I had to cook on the electricity cooker, I prefer the gas one because I know how it works. And I also had to use the olive oil. Omg, we use it only for the salad in my country. But the taste seems to be good. Well, I am satisfied. I hope that my friend will be as well.

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