Rhodes – The seventh part about going back

Time passed so quickly that my 11th day was here and I had to go home. Unfortunately. But before it there was Monday (11th October) and my last trip here. It was something similar to Malta. I will tell you why.

My Greek friend was too tired because he had a long shift a day ago. Thus, in the morning I was running, working and then we decided to set off small trip to the mountains. As you know I prefer mountain to the sea all the time.

But firstly, my Greek friend had one small surprise for me. We visited the area that was similar to Maltese landscape. You can judge it at the following photos.

The name of the area is Agathi beach.

dsc_0561 dsc_0564

There was a big stone and we both got an idea to shot some photos how I was climbing up. Anyway, I worn the dress and ballerine (shoes). But never mind, I did it.

In the surrounding of the beach the plenty of the olive three was growing. And I could have known that we cannot eat or pick up the oils from the three. They are processed… That’s a pity. I had a taste. Anyway, it wasn’t their season – in December.


Then we were going back for a while and turned to the mountain. I like them. We finished in the place called Profitis Ilias. There were two buildings – hotels. Both of them was closed and we wanted to drink something.

But we had to deal with this problem and only shot some crazy photos there. Because of sunset the photos are not enough quality. We are just not the professionals.

dsc_0580 dsc_0596

In the evening I was so tired. Although I can considerate the visiting Rhodes as like as my vacation I slept only 4 or 5, maximum 6 hours per a day.

At the end I share two amazing photo from the plane when I was leaving Rhodes (12th October). The islands are Greek islands, but none of them is Rhodes.

14707003_1809658595916710_897773549693102846_o 14753469_1809658422583394_3742792263530497018_o

I woke up at 6 AM and was at home about 9 PM. Omg, terrible way to my city and it welcomed me with the fog, what a wonderful weather :).

And what’s more, I had my first non-direct flight with the stop in Athens. Unfortunately, I didn’t see anything from this city and spent three hours waiting for the next flight to Prague.

I met lots of Japanese and was surprised that they cannot speak English… I know my English is not perfect but I am still able to manage everything abroad, say what I need. But I am wondering how foreigners non speaking English can manage their vacations? Any idea?


In sum, I will miss Rhodes a lot… So I hope to be back next spring…

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