Rhodes – The fourth part about the trips

I wrote about my travel to Rhodes island, about trip in Turkey, my first impressions but so far I haven’t said anything about my trips here. I am behind with my writing a bit. Of course, that I am discovering this paradise. But I must admit that it would be impossible without the car. Yes, there are a few buses lines but they don’t go everywhere, especially not inside of the island. And the second problem is that they don’t go often. So I recommend you renting a car in this island.

On Monday (10th October) my Greek friend show me around the all island. It was wonderful because I could have seen all kinds of landscapes in Rhodes. And to be honest it is really variety. It took us about three or four hours to go around all island. I am not sure about the exact time.

The following pictures was taken in the western part of island. I don’t know the exact name of this part. But the view out of the hill was amazing, you can judge by yourself.

dsc_0098 dsc_0094

There was a stand with offering the traditional Greek alcoholic beverage – Ouzo. Rhodes has own alcohol – Sumas as something as like this. I tasted it. It is similar to our plums brandy (slivovice in Czech). So nothing for me :).

dsc_0086 dsc_0102

I was surprised that there was a goat although the shop didn’t offer anything from the goat milk. However, in Greece there are lots of products making from sheeps, lambs and goats. I like it. Anyway, the goat was scared of me…I am wondering myself why?


The we continued to the most east part of the island. There is nothing. I mean the sea-sort resorts, hotels or whatever as like as the tourists objects. But in my opinion it is the most beautiful part of Rhodes. Just look at the photos.

dsc_0114 dsc_0126

Maybe you’ve noticed that the colour of the sea is totally different from the sea in Rhodes city. And the colour of the ground is more grey.


Then we turned right and kept on our way to the north (back to Rhodes city around all east coast). Approximately in the middle of the east cost there is acropolis called Lindos. The small village with the probably the most attractive tourists attraction – Lindos castle.

dsc_0137 dsc_0151

On Tuesday (11th October) my friend must work for all day (more than 24 hours, poor boy). For this reason I had a time only for me. I decided to discover the city where I am living now – the capital city Rhodes.

It consists of new part with lots of hotels and the Old city Town. I think that it was build before Christus. But I am not good at History. Btw the dominant of this city is the castle (from 7th century). Around it there are the hellenistic walls, very preserved.

dsc_0200 dsc_0181

In the middle of the Old city there are lots of shops and taverna (something as like the restaurant). For me it is a new that the waitress are standing in front of the restaurant and immediately when they see you they try to get to the inside.

dsc_0179 dsc_0173

In one of the part I came across lots of beggars, especially from Egypt and other African countries. There were women asking for money and the plenty of small children (I guess about 6 years old) who played on the accordion and beg for money as well.

I got away the city and went around the port an beaches to back to my flat. On the way back I saw the local casino. It seems that the islands are typical for gambling :). I am saying it because of the large amount of the casinos and lottery stands in Malta. There it is big business.


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