Rhodes – The fifth part about another trip

I am in Rhodes island for 12 days almost including departure and arrivals. So I have already shared the first two trips here but that’s not all. On Wednesday (12th October) I was alone again (my Greek friend worked). And without the car I can explore only surroundings of the capital city Rhodes. For that time I decided to visit the Acropolis of Rhodes.

It is not far away from the place where I am living now. I estimated it about 1 or 2 km, nothing bad. But I had to go up, but again it is not problem for me although the weather was a bit hot at that time.

In Acropolis of Rhodes there are the ruins of the Apollo church, actually, they are only the columns and what’s the pity, it is rebuilt now. For this reason, I don’t have a nice photo of this monument :(.

Anyway, there are also the stadium and the large amount of Rhodesians use it for running and playing for instance the rugby. However, the two most favourites sports here are the football and basketball. And there is also preserved amphitheatre.

dsc_0213 dsc_0225

And other photos from this place. Here you can check my small trip at that day.

dsc_0220 dsc_0228

And you know how much I like walking, especially in awesome pleasant weather, therefore I continued on my trip. On the top of the Acropolis of Rhodes it is possible to lead the road and out of it there is a wonderful view. Later I turned left to back to Rhodes city. I went across the Old City again and ended up on the coast.

dsc_0235 dsc_0250

In the second photo you can see the local kindergarten. You probably understand why I had to shot it.

dsc_0261 dsc_0240

In Rhodes Old city I met one man who is co-owner (or maybe only worker) in the small restaurant. And he offered to show me around the island. I am maybe naive but I agreed. Well, on Friday (14th October) we set off out trip to the place called Kamiros.

I think that it is wonderful place for all lovers of the architectonics and archaeologic monuments. In Kamiros there are the ruin of the village dated in 4000BC. You can see the rest of the temple, bath, amphitheatre and houses.

dsc_0448 dsc_0442

Btw. the entrance fee cost 6 euro. And from the top of the hill there are the wonderful view on the hilly part of the Rhodes island as you can see in the second following picture.

dsc_0472 dsc_0452

After visiting Kamiros we carried on our trip and our tour leaded the hills. I like it so much. I was missing the hills and mountains in Malta all the time. Now I can enjoy it so much. Probably non of my Greek guides don’t understand me why I like it :). Never mind.

dsc_0479 dsc_0481

At the first above photo you can see the heightist point (1216 metres above the sea level) of Rhodes. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name.

And I shared the last two photos from the car trip. The first one is the opposite view from the heightist point. And the second one is any old church in the small village where we crossed.

dsc_0490 dsc_0499

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