Italy trip – the weekend in Genova III

The last part about my visiting Genova is about the discovering during the weekend (29th and 30th October). Because my hosts there have a car we took it and went around Genova. Besides the discovering, it was the tasting time of the traditional not only Genovese cuicine.

On Saturday after another delicious lunch (pasta with basilic pesto that is original from Genova) we headed in Pegli – the suburb of Genova. However, we had one break because I really had to taste the best Genovese ice-cream (il gelato with nuttela). Nothing healthy, I know, but something that I really had to enjoy. Awesome.

dsc_0983 dsc_0985

Because we set off the trip a bit later and the days now are shorten and shorten we were in Pegli before the sunset. For this reason I could have shoten a few sunset photo above the sea level.

dsc_1006 dsc_1002

Btw. in Pegli there is a big promenade for tourists. It is the seasort resort from which you can see the mountains surrounding. In winter time it is possible to be close the sea and look at the snow at the top of these mountains. It must be wonderful view. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), now there is not snow. So, maybe next time.

dsc_0991 dsc_0997

In the Saturday’s evening we went out with another foreigner girl from France who is in Erasmus program in Genova. Close the main port there was the fire juggling perforce. As you know I am unable to shot the evening’s photos. We have to imagine what it looks like.

Time passed so quickly and it is my last day here – Sunday (30th Ocotber). My hosts prepared for me just two surprises. Grazie mille.

Firstly, we were going to Nervi, it is again the part of Genova although I had a feeling that we went too long and used the autostrade (highway). Btw. in Italy you  pay for using highway, there is not the highway mark as we have in my country.

dsc_1016 dsc_1022

Nervi is the seasort resort as like as Pegli. We were walking around the shore to the centre of Nervi. Because the weather was warm there were the plenty of people who sunbathed in the small beaches.

In the second picture you can see the center of Nervi located around the small bay.

dsc_1038 dsc_1041

In the above mentioned bay we saw the match in cannoying. But it wasn’t the race, it was something as like the rugby match but the playes had to use their canoes for the movement. What an interesting idea!


And my second surprise is coming. Respectively my host promised me to taste truly Napolitan pizza. But so far I haven’t eaten anything as like this. I am sorry but I really had to take some photos from this moment in the small taverna closeto the bay.

Anyway, I forgot the name of my pizza but I know it consists of the best Italian mozzarela di Bufala.

dsc_1045 dsc_1047

After the first pizza my friend offered the another one – the fried pizza. Omg, I think we don’t have it in my country. Although I don’t eat the fried food but this one I had to taste. It maybe doesn’t look like a delicious food in the next picture, but it was. Inside there were the cheese (probably again mozzarela – what else :)) and ham.


And it is still not all that my super truper hosts-friends prepared for me. I don’t have enough words to express my feelings.

After coming back the car we headed in another small town (for this time it wasn’t the part of Genova) – Comogli.

Well, I don’t know how it is possible but again it was sunset time. Sorry, but I share the sunset photos again :).

dsc_1054 dsc_1079

We had an amazing view back to Genova (at the background in the mountains).

The dominant monument there is the church or what it is. We took lots of photos and went back home.

dsc_1084 dsc_1062


And the last photo that express how much we enjoyed our together time in Genova. Actually, just to be honest, I don’t know whether my new friends enjoyed it but I am more than happy :). They cared about me as I was a princess. Grazie mille. I hope you will visit me in Brno next time.


And the last thing what I really have to write. I still don’t understand how it is possible that Italians are rather slim and eat too unhealthy sweet breakfast. I will miss the mornings full of the Nuttela cream and cookies.

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