Italy trip – Rome part

It is too long story why I decided to have this Italian trip that I am rather lazy to explain it. Firstly it should have looked like totally different. One of my acquaintance should shown me around Italy. But he changed his decision and I have already bought air-ticket and the train ticket to Livorno that I decided not to give up. During last month I tried to plan everything but all the time something is changed at the last moment, nothing is certain. And I am really curious how all will happen. Only one thing was for sure – my arrivals date – 22nd October.

But I didn’t start well. On Friday’s evening (21st October) I found out that I don’t fly from Vienna as I thought but from Prague. Of course, I have already bought the bus ticket to Vienna. Hm, what my happiness if I found out that I can still rebook the bus ticket (only 7 hours before leaving). Btw. there was the last seat to the Prague airport. So I started with the big mistake, for this reason I am wondering myself what next I can expect on my almost one month’s trip in the northern Italy.

The following photo is shot on Thursday when I tried to package my luggage.


I woke up at 3:05, omg, terrible time and I don’t remember when I took the night bus last time. Anyway, I shorten my story about traveling and share only a few notes from this day.

  • at 4:30 in the half of October in Brno there is really cold – I didn’t choose the good underwear, really not. And in the main station there is not any place where someone can wait for the bus, train or whatever without shivering by cold. (just to understand: I had to wait 30 minutes for the bus)
  • why did I used to pay for toilet in Florenc station all the time? In student agency office there is a toilet for free, hot chocolate for free and you can sit on the comfortable chair.
  • The bag is oversized luggage – what? Thanks God, I didn’t have to pay any extra money (of course, I had 13 kg and the limit was 23 kg), only put my bag in the special corridor. However, men were joking with me.
  • Why do we have airport car with title Ostrava in the Prague airport?
  • It is possible to work anywhere – in the bus, airport. And nobody looks at you. But still I am only one person with pink-gold macBook although I could have seen lots of people with macBook in the airports so far (but only boring silver version).


Hooray, after 12 hours I am on my place with my Italian friend. This day we spent in his flat, I am unusually tired. For these ones who know me – I even fell asleep during the movie Nerves. But in result I went to bed at 2:30 – almost after 24 hours being awake, omg, I should do it with this “sleeping problem”.

Even if I went to bed too late I woke up at 9 AM, without alarm, I don’t understand myself. But ok, I decided to work a bit and used maybe the last free time that I will have between my cities sightseeing and moving between these cities.

In the afternoon my friend needs to visit his parent for lunch, therefore I have time to visit the center of Rome. I don’t have a city map but I am able to visit all of important places that I know. Ok, it is my 4th visit of this city. Anyway, I think that I know the center of Rome maybe better than the center of Prague. Shamed on me. However, I lost myself twice. And I got an idea how to have 100 % likelihood that person who I asked for help will know the answer. The right person is just police officer :). And yes, he knew where the Fontane di Trevi is. I cannot help myself but this place is magic for me, I must see it every time when I am in Rome. So it was my 4th time here and again there are too much people that it was very difficult to shot any photo without them.

The first photos are from Fori Imperiale, close to Colloseum.

dsc_0624 dsc_0628


Of course, I had to take the photos of Colosseum. I know it becomes to be a bit boring.

dsc_0636 dsc_0639

And I visited my lovely place – Fontana di Trevi. It was my first time when I was there alone. And I found it in the center of Rome, only with one bad turn right.

dsc_0652 dsc_0656

I wore the suitable clothes for visiting San Pietro in Vaticano for that time but I didn’t have time to go inside. And actually I am not interested in the churches. I have been to inside of this basilica and it is enough for me.


I enjoyed my time in Rome but it is time to move on. Next stop is Pisa. I took the train from Rome-Rome-Ostiense to Pisa Centrale (29,40 euro, hmmm, but ok, 3 hours for one person). Thanks my Italian friend I was able to buy the ticket from Livorno to Pisa in the main Rome station and got to Ostiense by metro. I must admit being a bit nervous. Just imagine you take the metro to unknown place, everything is in Italian and what’s worse almost nobody can speak English. Fortunately, man understood my bad pronounce of Ostiense and explained me how to get from metro station to the train station. Of course, the explanation was in Italian. Never mind, the gesture are international 🙂

This article I am writing from the train, I just try to use every time for working and there is no WIFI connection. Anyway, I have been sitting in the train for 1,5 hours and no conductor wanted me to show my train ticket. Everyone around me was speaking Italian and they only smiled at me if I tried to tell them something in English. But I must say Italian are kind, they helped me to put my luggage to the docker without my asking for help. Unfortunately, outside is dark, thus I cannot see anything out of the window. I only suspected that we were going close to the sea. What a pity. I would really like to see the Italian landscape. Next time I have daily movement between cities so I will see more. Actually, it depends whether I will lose myself before 🙂 and whether the water on the toilet is potable, I hope so.


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