Italy trip – Pisa time

As I wrote in the last article, from Rome I took the train and went to Pisa. I was there in 22:50. Yes, a bit late. So after replying on some e-mail I went to bed and looking forward to seeing the center of Pisa tomorrow. Now I am going to share a few photos from Pisa trip (about 10 km, nothing long). I was on Monday (24th October).

Maybe my regularly readers remember I have already visited Pisa. It was in June.  The weather at that time was hot. But today it was good as well, actually, for me. My friend here is originally from Peru so he has another reason on the weather. Maybe the weather doesn’t look like good in the following pictures. But you can trust me that I was sweating and all the time I was thinking about my lovely dresses.

Anyway, stop speaking about the weather. It is a bit boring, I know. I was hanging out with my friend here. And of course, I wanted to see Piazza dei Miracoli again. It is the famous place here so why not? 🙂

Btw. the name of river in Pisa is Arno. I hope not to make a mistake in this name. I have a problem to remember any of Italian names except Colosseum :).

dsc_0679 dsc_0682

And I also share some of my crazy photos. I like doing the exercise called bridge. To be honest, I was only one person who did it here :).

dsc_0723 dsc_0713

Then we had a lunch – it was delicious for me, something as like as a panini with mushrooms and cheese. Of course, I don’t know the name of food. Nothing important to know it.

And then we continued along the river. In my opinion, it looks like Amsterdam a bit. Although I have never been there :). But my friend agreed with me and he visited this city.

dsc_0734 dsc_0742

And we ended up in some gardens and drunk a bit. But Italy is best-known for drinking a wine and I want to taste and discover everything what this country offers to the tourist.


After dancing time (bachata and salsa) I am writing this article and a bit working for my clients. Tomorrow I will take the train to Firenze and I am a bit worried again. Because I will have to buy the ticket in machine and everything there is in Italian… Hm, funny time, maybe I should study hard…

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