Italy trip – party Genova II

Because my friend had to work on Friday (28th October) I had time to discover the surrounding of Genova by myself. As I have already written I wanted to see Boccadasse again, during the day light. For this reason, I set off small trip in the morning.

During the walk I finally saw the beaches in Genova and lots of expensive appartment along the promenade as you can see in the second picture.

dsc_0940 dsc_0937

After 7,5 km I was there. Boccadasse is the small part, rather say the area, of Genova. There are lots of colourful narrow buildings. I had to shot many photos because the weather and the view were wonderful. Actually, I wore the skirt and top, the other people wore the jacket, scarf and so on… I am wondering who more crazy is…

dsc_0949 dsc_0952

I chose another way how to get back to the center of Genova. I lost myself but it was useful since I discover something as like gardening with the stairs. And from the top of the garden there was an amazing view back to Genova.

dsc_0957 dsc_0961

During afternoon I had a relax and worked, waiting for my friend coming back the job. Then we had taste dinner – egg omellete with the mushrooms. And of course, with the wine.

After dinner we went to the center of Genova because the regularly couchsurfing meeting was held there. And it was a great opportunity to revise my English and meet other people, not only from Italy. The meeting was in the Polish pub that you can buy Czech alcohol – I had to shot the photo of me in front of this pub. Who has good eyes can see Repubblica de Ceca in the table.

dsc_0972 dsc_0975

After the official meeting (the red photo) finished we were going aroun the center of Genova with the large amount of the break in the pubs, bars and restaurants.

14872511_587474308108790_22202289_n dsc_0976

I was surprised how many people was outside. But yes, it was Friday’s night. In my city the situation is probably the same, but I don’t go out too much so I really don’t know.

And because lots of my friends asked me why I don’t share the photos with other friends I decided to add the photo me and my Genevose friend.

dsc_0979  dsc_0981

And the last photo that I would like to share is the traditional bread that I have already mentioned – focaccia al parmaggio. I am not sure about the pronounce of this food :). So sorry, my Italian friends. Anyway, it is really delicious. In my opinion, better than the pizza. But on Sunday we should go to Nervi to eat the traditional Napolitan pizza. Then I maybe change my opinion…


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