Italy trip – Firenze funny time

On Tuesday’s morning (25th October) I took the train in Pisa central station and headed in Firenze (Florence in Italy). The ticket cost 8,40 euro. There should be a cheaper version with going to the Pisa airport (1,50 euro) and change the bus to Firenze (4,99 euro). But at the end I chose something easier for me. Besides, I was worried that I lost myself. Anyway, nobody checked again my ticket in the train. And I probably took the fast train – after 40 minutes I was in Firenze – for my first time.

In the station I met my friend here and we were cycling to his flat – yes, I had my big rucksack on my back. I have never done it – a bit adventures. Moreover, Italians don’t keep any cycling rules as I could have found out several times. We used the single-way road or went on red. The one positive thing – I had the travel insurance for this time.

Anyway, in the afternoon we were cycling to the all famous places in Firenze. You maybe know, Firenze is known as the „cradle of the Renaissance“ for its monuments, churches, and buildings. But I could have seen not only Renaissance building. My host shown me some mysterious and places without tourists. And of course, there are lots of building from the mediaeval age.

Again, I digress a bit. Let’s go back to my trip in Firenze, out of the cycle.

First of all, we visited the church call Santa Maria Novella (the first picture). It is close to the main railway station (with the same name).

And then we headed in the best-known site – Santa Maria del Fiore, known as The Duomo. It was a bit difficulty to shot the photos without people.

dsc_0752 dsc_0756

Btw. one of the doors are made from the gold (you can see in the following picture) and there is a legend: „Only right polite girl is able to go through.“ So far no one have gone thorough. I didn’t try it. Because of lots of people there. But I think that I would become the first girl going through :)).

dsc_0759 dsc_0761

And again, the famous site built by Brunelleschi – but only cupola (duomo), just to be precise. In the second picture, you can see the Basilica of Santa Croce. The National central library is located close this church and the square with the same name (Piazza Santa Croce).

dsc_0764 dsc_0769

Close to National central library is also the Arno (the same river as in Pisa). And immediately when I saw the old lamp I desired to dance… Unfortunately, the wide of the pole wasn’t suitable for my hand.

Btw. the sky doesn’t look like good but we had about 25 degrees, very good temperature for cycling, I mean.


And finally, I could have seen the famous bridge in Firenze – Ponte Vecchio. There are lots of shops but only with very luxurious jewelry. I am wondering who can afford to buy something there.


It seems that the bridge is empty, without tourist. But it is a mistake. My friend as a truly Italian knew the places where I could have taken the photos with the bridge and me.

dsc_0790 dsc_0798

Then we returned back to the old city. Partly because of food (taste Italian panini with mozzarella) and partly because of the toilet :))) Again, there are not to many public convenient as in all Italy. Therefore, we visited the local library. Btw. the next photo was taken in this library.

In the second photo, you can see the Palazzo Vecchio overlooked Piazza della Signora. I think that this building was built in the mediaeval age.

dsc_0800 dsc_0805

At the end of our trip we went up Piazzale Michelangelo. There you will have a wonderful view on all Firenze. Especially, during the summer time there is an amazing view on sunset above the Arno river. That’s a pity I couldn’t see it in my autumn time.

dsc_0815 dsc_0823

In the last picture you can see the chilly peppers that I shot in the garden located close to Piazzale Michelangelo. I have never seen it on my eyes before. And not only red kind of them, the black ones grow up there as well.

dsc_0822 dsc_0831

In the evening, we were eating and I could have tasted truly mozzarella – Buffalo. I must admit that it is totally different from what I know in the Czech republic (I mean Galbani brand). Actually, I am not sure whether we can buy mozzarella di Bufala in my country (I mean in the normal supermarket.).

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