Italy trip – dolce Genova I

On Wednesday (26th October) I had my first experience with the bus agency called FlixBus. I took the bus from Firenze to Genova. It took me get to Genoa about three hours but I must make a compliment to this company – good prices, comfortable, WIFI connection (so I can work) and the most important thing, especially for women, there is a toilet :).

Time passed so quickly and I was in the Principe station. Although my friend and his girlfriend live close to the station I had a problem to find a right place – yes, it is just me :).

Immediately after meeting them I set off small trip in the surrounding. I passed Via Balbi and got to the Via Garibaldi consisted of lots of all buildings – the museums and universities. At the end I ended up where I wanted – Piazza de Ferrari. So far I have thought that Ferrari is just brand of sporty car 🙂 and he was a famous man in Italy.

Anyway, you can see me in front of the Fontana in this square in the first picture. Then I continued my walk to the port because Genova is the famous port city with the Aquario di Genova.

dsc_0846 dsc_0858

During short walk I could have seen lots of old buildings, churches but it is a bit unable to shot a good and quality photos – too many people, too many cars everywhere.


Why did I call the time in Genova as dolce (sweet) time? Because my friends there host me very well. I have never tasted so much good Italians food before – something as like the octopus (the first photo), cannoli (Sicilian cake – the second photo). We also had a crepes one day. I tasted the traditional Genovese bread – focaccio.

Anyway, I really think that I have similar sense of humor with my friends here. We spoke and still speaking a lot, and smile all the time (not only because of the alcohol).

dsc_0866 dsc_0869

Stop speaking about food and alcohol. It is time to describe my first trip in Genova and some of my notes that I picked up there.

On Thursday’s morning (27th October) I decided to see all of the Castelletto in Genova because I would like to shot the panoramic photos.

I started in the touristic center owing of getting the map of the city. Firstly, I visited Spianata di Castelleto. You can use the elevator here (something as like as public transport in Genova) but I was walking up. In the following pictures you can see the view out of this place.

dsc_0877 dsc_0884

In the next picture there is a Castallo Bruzo. Actually, I think that is the name of the castle. I walked around since I lost myself a bit :). What a common for me.


And I finished in the place called Castello D’Albertis. The castle is wonderful but unfortunately the view is not so good – since there are lots of palms as you can see in the pictures.

Again, you can take the elevator for going up. In my opinion, it is a bit useless and you would pay for it.

dsc_0879  dsc_0911


In the evening, I had an opportunity to see the sunset from the Spianate di Castelletto. For this time, we took an elevator. To be honest, it went only a few seconds.


On the Thursday’s evening my friend and his girlfriend picked me up and show me Boccadasso. Unfortunately, at night I cannot shot the photos. Never mind, I was there on Friday’s morning (but I will write another article about it).

At the end, I would like to say a few notes that I have got in Genova for the time being:

  • Italians are hospitality (actually, as like as Greeks) – I cannot complain about it at all.
  • People there wear the warm jackets, scarfs, caps and I am wearing the summer dress, skirts… hm, I think that 25 to 30°C is amazing weather at the end of October.
  • I recommend you to take a Flix bus for traveling in Italy, and pay by Czech crone (cheaper than in euros).
  • In Genova there are lots of the elevators (lifts) but I think that it is useless to pay for them. You can go everywhere and enjoy the wonderful views.
  • Genova looks like totally different to the previous cities that I visited. There are mostly high buildings with the apartments.
  • In port there are lots of immigrants who will try to sell you something.
  • I am the queen with my level of English in Italy. Unfortunately, not too many people can speak English, thus I sometimes used my poor Italians. However, people are more open-minded and smile at you everywhere.
  • It is probably very difficult to find the good job in all Italy. So I am wondering why the immigrants come to this country.

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