Italy trip – the weekend in Genova III

The last part about my visiting Genova is about the discovering during the weekend (29th and 30th October). Because my hosts there have a car we took it and went around Genova. Besides the discovering, it was the tasting time of the traditional not only Genovese cuicine.

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Italy trip – dolce Genova I

On Wednesday (26th October) I had my first experience with the bus agency called FlixBus. I took the bus from Firenze to Genova. It took me get to Genoa about three hours but I must make a compliment to this company – good prices, comfortable, WIFI connection (so I can work) and the most important thing, especially for women, there is a toilet :).

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Italy trip – Firenze funny time

On Tuesday’s morning (25th October) I took the train in Pisa central station and headed in Firenze (Florence in Italy). The ticket cost 8,40 euro. There should be a cheaper version with going to the Pisa airport (1,50 euro) and change the bus to Firenze (4,99 euro). But at the end I chose something easier for me. Besides, I was worried that I lost myself. Anyway, nobody checked again my ticket in the train. And I probably took the fast train – after 40 minutes I was in Firenze – for my first time.

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Italy trip – Pisa time

As I wrote in the last article, from Rome I took the train and went to Pisa. I was there in 22:50. Yes, a bit late. So after replying on some e-mail I went to bed and looking forward to seeing the center of Pisa tomorrow. Now I am going to share a few photos from Pisa trip (about 10 km, nothing long). I was on Monday (24th October).

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Italy trip – Rome part

It is too long story why I decided to have this Italian trip that I am rather lazy to explain it. Firstly it should have looked like totally different. One of my acquaintance should shown me around Italy. But he changed his decision and I have already bought air-ticket and the train ticket to Livorno that I decided not to give up. During last month I tried to plan everything but all the time something is changed at the last moment, nothing is certain. And I am really curious how all will happen. Only one thing was for sure – my arrivals date – 22nd October.

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Rhodes – The sixth part about my leisure time

Although it is not seen at the first view I sometimes work and have a rest. For this reason, this weekend (15th and 16th) I spent both of them only in Rhodes city and didn’t discover this island. Moreover, my Greek friend had to work on Sunday (again long shift, I would never expected that in army they must have the night long shifts).

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Rhodes – The fifth part about another trip

I am in Rhodes island for 12 days almost including departure and arrivals. So I have already shared the first two trips here but that’s not all. On Wednesday (12th October) I was alone again (my Greek friend worked). And without the car I can explore only surroundings of the capital city Rhodes. For that time I decided to visit the Acropolis of Rhodes.

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Rhodes – The fourth part about the trips

I wrote about my travel to Rhodes island, about trip in Turkey, my first impressions but so far I haven’t said anything about my trips here. I am behind with my writing a bit. Of course, that I am discovering this paradise. But I must admit that it would be impossible without the car. Yes, there are a few buses lines but they don’t go everywhere, especially not inside of the island. And the second problem is that they don’t go often. So I recommend you renting a car in this island.

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