Time is expiring

Today (28th September) is my the least but not last day in Malta (183rd day). I am almost ready to leave this tiny rock. I am working now. But I think that it is time to evaluate my stay in Malta. And then I can continue my cleaning up and work for the customers.

I don’t want to discuss my TODO list, I will do it later. After I will have more leisure time. Haha, it probably never happens :-). Maybe in my next life. And because I am so lazy to write today, especially in Eglish I use the list of items.

What I will miss from Malta:

  • a multicultural country,
  • the certain kind of freedom that I had here,
  • the possibility to speak English,
  • some of my friends here (good luck Ales, Olda and Pavel).

What I won’t miss from Malta:

  • the weather – without the fan it is impossible to sleep here, AC is everywhere – it is terrible and unhealthy as well,
  • bombing and arrogant people here – nobody is willing to make a room on the sideway, lots of them don’t reply on the greetings,
  • unhealthy food (I am looking forward to living in Italy),
  • crazy drivers (not public transport – it is sort of romantic),
  • stupid firework during the day light,
  • high prices :-),
  • water from a tap,
  • my illness because of AC.

Summary, thank Malta I found out what kind of work I really want to do and love. I met lots of people who give me some information, support.

I realise that abroad you are nobody, the only foreigner. Nobody is interested in you. I mean the doctors, the government. And I start liking lots of things that I have in my country and so far I haven’t realised that they are important in my life.

Living abroad is not easy but it gives you so many thoughts and inspiration. You really meet yourself. And it is the reason why I evaluate my staying in Malta positively.

I must admit that I couldn’t live here. Neither full-time worker or the freelancer. But I think that Malta is the wonderful country for your vacation. It is the Arabic country in the Europe and it really worths visiting and seeing it.

Anyway, at the end I must make a compliment Malta. I got my E104 form that I need for my healthy insurance in the Czech republic. I would never expect to get it so quickly after I applied for it. Especially with my bad experience with ID Maltese card. Btw. I haven’t still got it. Moreover, after I thanked the men who sent E104 to me he replied me: „My duty, my pleasure“.

So, bye, bye Malta. See you later. But now it is time to move on. Next stop: Rome.

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      1. No they are not Arabs. Just because their language partially comes from Arabic it doesn’t mean they are Arabs. Do you say Canadians are British just because they speak English? No. The Arabs left Malta more than 500 years and although some influence was left, they are certainly not Arabs.

  1. Their behavior is a bit arabic regardless some influence… I mean their kind of thinking, working and so on… It is not European behavior, really not

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