The evaluation of my re-new healthy life style

Today (26th September) it is my 37th day with Herbalife. So far I ate 1 and half of F1 formula free and the rest of chocolate flavour. I eat it regularly, twice or third a day (start with the breakfast). I also drink thermo tea twice a day. Of course, I do sport – every day, at least 2 hours. I choose between pole dance, core fitness, gym and running. I think that it is the right time to evaluate my results.


I didn’t lose my weight. Actually, I don’t have the digital weight so maybe I lost half or one kilogramme. It is difficult to recognise on the common weight in my gym. Because I didn’t have the measuring tape I don’t know whether I lost any centimetres in hips, belly and so on. I hope that yes…

I must say I am so active now. But just to be precise, I have never had a problem to do lots of things, do sport every day. Now I sleep 5 or maybe 6 hours and it is enough for me. The question is whether Herbalife products cause it… Maybe yes, maybe no.

One of the problems that I am solving now and it is concerned with Herbalife is my indigestions. Now if I eat hot food (e.G. hot vegetables with cold cheese) I will have a spasm in my stomach, swallow. A few days ago I ate the only one scoops of ice-cream and the following 6 hours I felt so full, swallowed and spasm in my stomach. However, I should admit having a problem with lactose, gluten and hormonal illness. Especially the last one causes that I gain weight all the time and must do the exercise every day. Why do I connect my indigestion with Herbalife? Because Herbalife is the cocktail, so I don’t cook hot food and I am worried my body is not used to accept hot food now. My question is whether it is ok? Is it ok to only drink the food in future? Because I really like eating. I would like to enjoy the time when I am eating.

Again, I don’t want to discuss the business. I mean MLM business about Herbalife. I only know that it is not the job for me. I chose another one. Anyway, my new job is connected to Herbalife. I quit my full-time job in IT and decide to be a freelancer and travel a bit more. I think that Herbalife cocktail is a good solution on the journey for my breakfast.

The last thing what I’d like to say about the connectivity between my future job and Herbalife is that the team and thinking of people around Herbalife help me to find my way in the life. I know what I want to do, how to do it and feel the support. Again, I note I am not MLM consultant in any of these companies. I only turn my minds toward to positive and realise that there is a time to move on, don’t give up.



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