Spell your name to make a pole combo

My Czech pole dance teacher got the crazy but lovely idea for next training. Just to spell our names to make a pole show, understand: combine a few tricks on the pole based on the letters in our names.

In the following picture, you can see the pole trick for each of letters in the alphabet.


Firstly, I wanted to spell my name HANKA, but to be honest, I cannot do letter K without any support or use one of my hand on the pole. For this reason, I decided to spell my name HANCA. What a good luck that Czech names are so modifiable.

And because spelling HANCA seems to be very easy, at the end, I recorded two videos – one of them is on the static version of the pole, and the second one I was dancing on the spin pole. Which of them is better? I don’t know. You can judge them here:

  • static – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cpcAYu2k9k
  • spin – https://youtu.be/swZznhS8ROw

I recommend you to notice what kind of music I have in the background 🙂 especially which of language I was listening.

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