Sleeping on the roof

Since ever I arrived in Malta I wanted to sleep on the roof of the house where I am living. I don’t know why but I didn’t find any suitable day. Maybe because I was a worker. But now I don’t have to wake up early (although I do it still). So I decided to try it.

Day D (read: sleeping day) happened on Friday (16th September). I don’t know why I chose this day. Maybe because it was the full moon as you can see in the first picture.


I brought my pillow, blanket and go up to the roof. It was about 0:30. Wonderful view out of the roof, the moon was lighting. Unfortunately, the AC ventilator on the roof was working and making the noise. How much I hate this equipment 🙂


And of course, the selfie before I tried to fall asleep.


I even fell asleep. But about 1:45 I was awake. Yes, stupid insect. I forgot to use any repellent and I don’t have a mousquetaire in Malta. For this reason, I finally slept in my room. Thank God, I have panthenol here, so the stings causing by stupid bees disappeared.

And it’s true that humidity is a bit unpleasant. My pillow and blanket were a bit wet. Never mind. I tried it and it counts as well.

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