We are overwhelmed by the large amount of information

Today (24th August) I’ve been reading one article that forced me to think a bit more. As you know I am interested into the world of healthy lifestyle and everything that connects this topic. Well, it cannot be any surprised I know PharmDr. Margit Slimákovou and from time to time I go through her blog.

The article interested me today with the combination the book Rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki caused I am thinking how it is possible the following:

  • currently, we are living in this time period when it is easy to google lots of information on the Internet (I mean how to keep up with the healthy lifestyle, how to our bodies are working, what we need to eat due to being strong and healthy and so on),
  • but the rate of obesity or over-weigh people is increasing (not exponentially, but significantly for sure),
  • Why do people search for something useful? Why do they save money exactly in this human being as the healthy eating is (and spend them for something nonsense)? Each of us spends the plenty of time on the Internet, we must admit this.

But on the other hand, the post on Margit’s blog confirmed me that nothing is only black and white. Although we have the possibility to search the pieces of information on the Internet (now I don’t mean only the healthy lifestyle), it is difficult to find what the truth is. The first article claims we should eat lots of protein and avoid to eat the food consisting of the sugar. The second one warns us that a large amount of protein cause gaining weight. Once we can read how we should eat fish twice a week, but antidote of this we find out that nowadays fish are the full of the gas, metal, antibiotic and I don’t know what else. Who can know what should choice, how to evaluate these totally different articles.

And today I found out that reading the scientists magazine, websites don’t solve the mentioned problem (recognise the honesty and truly advice on the Internet) at all. I recommend reading the post from the blog. You will find out that it is not a problem to make up (I don’t want to say lie, maybe fake the false information in public is the correct description for this situation) about the researches in the best-known and apparently scientists magazines.

In the mentioned post you can see how quickly we can release some „scientist“ data in public and nobody will evaluate whether it is true or false. And now, tell me, how can the reader (the laic as like me) can recognise what is right and what’s wrong. Someone who really care about himself – how he can know what to keep up with… He wants, he has an opportunity to search. Yes, he can evaluate and compare with other articles… but still…

I only point out that although we live in the technologic period and we can pick up the information easily, we still must be patient and careful. Not to believe everything, even in „truly scientist“ magazines. How to manage this paradox (lots of information, but lots of them are fake data) is up to each of us. Good luck. And sorry for a bit philosophist article today.


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