Short memory on pole dance competition

Time passed so quickly (hm, it is not new information, I know). But it is almost 4 months since I participated in my first (hopefully not the last one) pole sport competition. I have already written about the training, travelling from Malto to my country owing to spend one day in Prague. But I realised to make a compliment two girls without them it would probably never happen.

The first girl is my best pole dance teacher (and not the only teacher), Eleanor. She prepared all choreography, proposed the music and taught me as patient as she could.

And the second one is Eržika. She is the author of my first truly pole dance dresses. In even this case, I hope that it is not my last dress.

I don’t have enough words to thank both of them. So I’d like to support them at least support both them on my modest blog, refer to their websites.

And again, we can remember my choreography (by Eleanor) and dress (by Eržika) in the following pictures.

soutez1 soutez2

And floor dance… it is still my weak part of dancing.

soutez3 soutez4

From time to time, I jumped into pole 🙂

soutez5 soutez6

And floor dance for the second time 🙂

stahnout7 stahnout8

And at the end, there is one of lots of version flag trick.


Btw. I am planning one project with both of girls and other people who supported me anyway.

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