Restart my healthy lifestyle

Although I eat not so bad (to be honest, I think so), try to do sport every day, I am still a bit chubby and have some additional kilogrammes more. And at least I don’t feel well very often. For this reason, I tried to change (restart) my healthy lifestyle and again come back eating Herbalife.

It is not my first experience with this business and products. Now I don’t want to speak about the MLM system. I have some experiences and I am part of another MLM hierarchy… But I would like to say a few words about the products 🙂

Btw. I tried to eat low-carbohydrate diet Ketodiet (it is a Czech brand). And yes, I lost weight very impressively. But then, I gained kilogrammes back 🙁 So far I haven’t eaten the Herbalife products thoroughly, only from time to time.

And why did I start? What was the start motion? It wasn’t accidental. I met lots of people in Malta who are eating and keeping up with this kind of lifestyle. Moreover, I’ve met Oldu. I think you can give some imagination about him and his change from his facebook profile. I am glad to know him 🙂

Anyway, this day (20th August) I started drinking the tea and again eating the protein cocktail (F1 formula, free gluten and lactose). Everything you can see in the following pictures including tglutaminemin powder for rehearsing my muscles.

P1050882 P1050883

Then I visited the gym and drunk the tea again. It should start your metabolism and help to burn your calories. I am wondering how it will going on… I am off to write about it. Btw. one of the reasons that I am writing this post is I need the whip about myself 🙂 just to keep to these rules and continue on my long way 🙂


I also accepted the PLANK challenge in the Herbalife group. Last six days (yes, in Rome) every morning I was doing planks (about 15 minutes, the longest takes me 5 minutes). Unfortunately, yesterday I missed my time and didn’t make it (maybe because of sushi restaurant). Thus, I started doing them again. Today is the first day of my renew 30-days plank challenge 🙂 And I share the photo 🙂


And after doing a sport I need the healthy nutrition balanced breakfast – porridge with banana and peanuts butter with the Herbalife F1. I was so full that I didn’t need any other food for almost 5 next hours 🙂 And my belly wasn’t swallowed at all. What a miracle 🙂


Healthy life is just about few things:

  • kick your ass off,
  • set up your mind towards positive,
  • surrounded by optimistic people who have lots of things in common,
  • keep it up 🙂

And the last thing that I would like to share with you is this link.

Bye and hopefully next time with small Herbalife spam 🙂 Anyway, for this time being I don’t want to evaluate this brand… I have some experience from past and I want to know it more now…

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